Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, two days early!

It's been a week of decisions.  I've been toying with thoughts of ripping out our kitchen, 1/2 bath, laundry room and front foyer Congoleum Dura-Ceramic vinyl tiles plus the carpeting in our master bedroom, living center, stairwell and loft and replacing the whole mess with hardwood.  Problem with that is threefold.  #1 is the upkeep.  I'm not getting any younger and hardwood is more work than having hubby vacuum carpeting once a week and me mopping up the tile.  #2 the cost of over 2100 square feet of hardwood, plus removal of the tile, carpeting and moving furniture in all those rooms would be very costly and #3 I just might be overpricing our house for the area if I do it since our house is already the 2nd most expensive one in the subdivision.  Instead, I am having some of the kitchen vinyl tiles replaced and regrouting the entire vinyl flooring, replacing the carpeting (which I have yet to look for), hiring a contractor to paint our original custom oak kitchen cupboards, and ripping out and replacing our tile backsplash.  Whew!  Today I will be sewing my last swap quilt for the year (and maybe forever) so I can pack the sewing stuff away to prepare to empty out my kitchen (ugh).  The dining room table is only so big.  lol  I think I will take all the sewing stuff to the basement for now.  I need the room in our bedroom for other stuff. Besides, I think it's time for purging……I have so much fabric that I will never use.  It's all a process, but I know I will love it when it's all done.  Wish me patience!!

In the meantime, I continue to send my sweeties books every week.  Usually, they each get two in fun envelopes that I create.  Here are the ones from this week:

And, of course, I read a few books:

WHERE THEY FOUND HER                   by                 Kimberly McCreight
THE BURYING PLACE                           by                 Brian Freeman
THE MAPMAKER'S CHILDREN              by                 Sarah McCoy

None were too exciting, so don't waste your time.  I was really looking forward to reading the last one, but it took forever although it only had 300 pages.  Thank God I borrowed it from the library and didn't buy it.  Hopefully, next week my choices will be better.  I already have 3 on my counter from the library waiting for me.

So, until next time, have a Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your week!!        


Ellyn said...

wishing you patience. I hate dealing with home repair. this week our foundation shifted and tiles started buckling and popping up.... as soon as everyone is done arguing over who is going to pay for this I'm in for a long stretch of repairs. ugh

Createology said...

I wish you patience and I am speaking from downstairs renovations experience. We did our Master Bath in 2005 and our Kitchen in 2008. All will be worth it in the end. As for purging fabrics...Oh No! That is in my near future and I will need lots of patience as I cannot part with "material" things! lol
Uber cute envelopes as always...

kiwikid said...

Wishing you buckets of patience!! We are renovating here and have been with out the kitchen for two, plasterers, electricians coming an going...I am longing for a morning where I can stay in bed and read a book past 7am!!!! We are changing the polished floor boards to vinyl, much easier to look after we hope!! Most of my sewing stuff has been packed in boxes since we moved in March....will see the light of day again one day!!