Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Toby!

Tomorrow is a special day around here!  It's our Toby's birthday.  He will be 2.  It seems like he's been here forever and we don't know what we'd do without him now.  Often, (like really-really often), I think about getting him a sister or a brother, but then, when I think about the grooming, and expenses when they get older (and I'm not getting any younger myself, you realize), I think one is enough.  The other day, I pulled out some baby pictures:

Hi Everyone!

Toby 5 1/2 months

That was him at 3-6 months and now my boy is almost two (and in need of a bath again...ugh).  I did snap this one this morning as he was trying to get my attention:


Such a sweet boy!!!  Happy Birthday, my honey boy!!

Then, since my Lady #44 and #45 are completed and flying home to their owners (and believe me, they both have F A R ways to travel) so I can't show you yet, you will have to be satisfied with another recent fun thing I've been doing.  (Please don't ask me why 'cause I have no clue.)  A while ago, as I was surfing, (and you know how you can get lost), I discovered a real fun blog.  You might have noticed that I added it to my blog list.  "Pushing the Envelope".  This lady decorates envelopes not only  professionally for events, weddings, etc., but also for fun.  It really brought back memories for me.  When my niece was teaching in Japan in 2000, I used to write to her every week and decorate the envelopes just for fun and to keep the Japanese postal deliverers happy.  I'm pretty sure I used decorative stamps then and colored them with colored's too long ago to really remember.  Duh!!!  I thought for fun, and to celebrate the recent release of floral forever stamps, I'd send an envelope to Jean (the owner of the blog).  She doesn't know it yet and hasn't received it, I'm sure, so PLEASE don't tell.

I also did a fun one for my friend, Annie.....who you've heard of before.  She no longer lives where she belongs (in my humble opinion, you understand), so I have to write to her.  It's not only her birthday month in April, like my Toby, but I didn't think she knew that in my younger life, I was a ballerina of sorts and if I donned a tutu today, I would undoubtedly look exactly like this bird!!!  Except, I'm not that green......yet!  lol

So, that's all for today, folks!  Needless to say, I haven't sewn a stitch in days although I have been thinking about it.  Today, I have to color a big drawing I did for a friend.  It has been sitting around here for days and quite honestly, I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up so I haven't touched it.  Today is the day!  Hubby is gone until dinner time and it's quiet.  Wish me luck!

Have a fun week, my friends!!!  Oh......I did join another swap.  Pouches!  Can you believe?  Now that I finally conquered zippers, I'm all set!


Wendy said...

your envelopes are fab, but I'm not sure Jean will appreciate everyone having access to her address...

Cindy Sharp said...

I am quite sure that your drawing will be fantastic when it is finished....but then you never show us your epic fails...are there any?

Happy birthday to your pup. It seems like just yesterday you were telling us all about bringing him home.

Jo said...

We bought a friend for one of our dogs and she was not interested in the new puppy at all....and why should she have been when she had all of our attention to herself before the new one came along. Both dogs got along fine, but both lived in their own little worlds. Love your envelopes, they must give lots of pleasure on their journey. Happy Birthday Toby.

Sue said...

Great envelopes, I love to receive one in the mail, fun!
Happy Birthday Toby from Jackson and Daisy LOL!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little companion! The envelope for Jean is perfect for those new flower stamps. Love how you've incorporated the stems as part of some of the letters! And then there's mine...LOVE IT! Just LOVE this birthday candle totin' ballerina bird! Those Copics color SO nicely. But you draw fabulously! And to think you might have become a Prima Ballerina and we might never have met. Sorry, but I'm happy you gave it up! LOL Yes, I'm selfish. Thank you!!!

conny's quilts en creaties said...

Oh what a cute little dog Toby is! Congratulaions