Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whew, busy week!

It's funny.....sometimes when you think you will have all the time in the world, life changes and wonder if you'll have time to turn around.  Last week was like that for me!  Monday I had a date planned for lunch and shopping with friends so I couldn't do much else that day.  Tuesday, my friend with the puppies came over and by the time Toby and I were done playing with her and the puppy she brought, we needed an afternoon nap!  On Wednesday, it was something else.....(right now, it escapes me, but whatever it was, took up time too.)  Then, on Thursday, we had a funeral to attend during the day and had friends over in the evening for cards.  On Friday, my niece popped in with her daughter and as soon as she left, my son drove into our driveway.  I had all I could do to work on Lady #46, little at a time.  Usually, my life is not like that!  I can sometimes go for days without even a phone call.  Needless to say, I get lots more accomplished!!  I can, however, show you a few things.

First, let me introduce you to Lady #44, Dr. Sil from Brazil:

Lady #44 - Dr. Sil from Brazil

Sil was my partner in the Fab Little Quilt Swap and I have known her as a web friend for years.  As soon as I knew she was my partner, I knew I had to make her in fabric.  She always comments on all my ladies and since she had many pictures of herself in her photostream, I was lucky.  I also sent her "Where's Waldo".......:

"Where's Waldo?"

You might remember him as I posted him awhile back.  I got my package last Friday from the lady who had my name and you must see the gorgeous creation that she did.  I love it!  Janice (betteroffhtreads) is most talented!!  I asked for something paper pieced (since I am an idiot and still haven't gotten the hang of paper piecing), and she really went the extra mile.  Wow!

FliQS from Janice (betteroffthreads)

I am one lucky girl, huh?

I sent off the mini quilt to my QT partner for the botanicals and birds theme for April/May and she said she liked it.  It's only 7x11 inches and I hand embroidered a buttonhole stitch around each flower just for fun:

Bunch of flowers

So that's it for the sewing.  If you look at my sidebar and see the blogs I follow, check out "freezeframe".  She posted some envelopes that I did for her.  I tried to steal her pictures once and couldn't so now I just direct to her blog.  Besides, she is super talented in all different things and you might enjoy her work as much as I do.

So, that's about it.  I finished lady #46 this weekend and I have yet to ship her out.  That needs to be done.  Then, I have lots of envelope ideas floating around in my head, besides signing up for two more swaps, so I guess I'll be a bit busier than last week.  Finally, we are getting some nice weather.  In fact today is my first day without socks.....although I still have on a long sleeved t-shirt.  BUT, the back door is open and it's marvelous smelling the spring air.

Hope you are spring like too!  Before you know it, we'll probably all be sweltering in heat and need our AC.  E-gads!!!  Have a great week, my friends!


Carol said...

just checked out freezeframe and love the envelopes. My pens you recommended are due any day and can't wait to get them and play! I have 2 aunts with birthdays coming soon, as well as 2 bloggers I would like to mail a thank you note to for giveaways I won on their blogs. Oh, the possibilities! can't wait....

Mary said...

You do such a great work. I am enjoying by bleep girl that I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago. She is so perfect! Have a great week.

beachiesews said...

Enjoy your spring we hit 100°, yep, one hundred stupid degrees...I am not ready for the heat. Luckily next week we are heading to California for a coastal is supposed to be 65-70 on all our stops! I really loved what you did for Sil...she deserves it, and you did a great job capturing her "doctorness". Have a lovely spring!!! Sue.

Sara said...

Busy little bee yes you were!! Keeps u young and your mind going though right?!! lol

Love that triangle swirl quilt!

Annie said...

I always love seeing your newest lady! I know Sil is seriously delighted with her we all are that have been lucky enough to get one. I so love all those little quilts! And you know I seriously love your envelopes!

Susan said...

Another lovely lady and beautiful flowers.
Some weeks are just full of...stuff you have to do!!
we are heading into Autumn of course - loving the 'in between" season.

Leanne said...

I am so glad you received that beauty from Janice, I just treasure the quilt she made for me, and the one you made too. And you made the best quilts for Sil too.

Cindy Sharp said...