Saturday, August 24, 2013


 As I promised in my last post, I must show you the items I received from my last two swaps.  First is the package I got from "mollyjolly" AKA - Maria in FLIPS (which stands for FAb Little Pincushion Swap:

My FLIPS pkg from Mollyjolly -Maria

Maria nailed me to a tee with such a gorgeous colorful mug rug (although it's almost doll quilt size) and the cutest little pincushion you ever saw!  I love both!  Thank you so much, Maria!

Then, (as if she and Maria were trading information), I got my "pick" quilt from "The Little Swap -Sew, Vote, Swap group.  This was made by, "Fun and Comfort Quilts" AKA as Karen.  It's another colorful beauty:

From Fun and Comfort - Karen Jakes for Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap group

I just love rainbow anything I guess and always seem to gravitate to them!

Now I MUST show you the little surprise from the Post Office I received recently on an envelope that was returned to me for more postage.  This is the little "love note" that was on the back:

Well, duh.....what the heck does that mean???  Thankfully, my good buddy, Annie, enlightened me in record time.  Lately, I have almost exclusively been using 6x9" envelopes for my fun mail art.  As I prefer, I draw them in the portrait style rather than landscape.  Well......HELLO......IF you address them in the portrait style, it costs you another 20 cents because the machine can't read them that way!  How do you like that?  SO............if any of you requested an envelope and haven't gotten it, guess what?  In the beginning, all I was using was mostly ONE forever stamp of one kind or another.  Needless to say, I have had to change my artistry to now include two, unless I become creative enough to incorporate a 66 cent stamp of one kind of or another.  Duh!  I suppose I could draw and address the envelope the other way, but so far, I haven't.  Who knows why????  (Us creative people are so there ever a good reason for anything???)  So, if you are viewing the following envelopes that have been sent and you want to do this too, don't think YOU can get away with one stamp either (although many of these photos were taken with one only)!!!  Oh no!!  Just FYI!!! So, here are the envelopes that have been sent since last time:

More fun mail to Annie

Fun in the Sun for Annie

Froggy Wishes

Fun Mail clown

Older drawing

Happy mail

Fun mail to a fun friend

Fun Mail

Yeah mail!

Yummy mail fun

Fun kids mail

More fun mail

Whew!!!!  The ones I sent to my dear great niece, Audrey, I will show you next time!  Incidentally, I'll have you know that with your requests, plus my normal mailings, I have sent out 35 fun envelopes within the past two weeks.  I could hardly keep up!!  Thankfully, I had some in reserve that I could use.  I hope I made you smile!!  Have a good day, my friends and keep drawing!!! more thing!  Lady #56 is flying her way home to Norway as I type!  Keep your fingers crossed that she gets there safely and you get to see her real soon.  She is a beauty!


Mary said...

Thank you for the information about the envelopes! Who knew. That must be why the square envelopes cost more! Cause they don't know which side is up! To wonder the post office is going bankrupt!
Your envelopes are wonderful!

Annie said...

That is so funny Mary, "they don't know which side is up!" on a square envelope. A better reason I have never heard.

The large mug rug and little quilt are fabulous. The envelopes, as always, are so entertaining. Of my collection I have quite a few faves, but I have to say that bathing beauty is my newest fave! She's just so oblivious to life around her...that's the best way to be! THANK YOU!

Susan Snooks said...

Such fun envelopes! Postage-yuk! Don't get me started! There are so many rules and regulations these days it's a wonder things arrive at all! I'm off to check how many stamps my bunny has... He is so cute! Thank you Carol, I love him!

puntadas de una peregrina said...

Hello, I really like the drawing of the woman who goes to the beach and the frog, there's a chance to buy the pictures?



Susan said...

ha ha - I think the post office will need to create a new machine just to read your envelops!!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Love the envelope art! I never knew about the "correct" orientation of envelopes before.

Rettabug said...

Obviously, the post office doesn't know what a non-conformist you are, Carol! LOL
Mine came through just fine & "address was parallel to the shorter dimension".

Love seeing all your happy swap items & also the fabulous creations you've been mailing. Isn't that getting a little expensive, postage-wise???

Lisa said...

I love both of your goodie packages. I had the GREAT pleasure of meeting and having dinner with MollyJolly "Maria" a few months ago. What a lovely person and my very first quilty friend in person! I hope to get to join her for dinner again when I'm in Nashville!