Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August 1st!

And who'd guess (at least where I live) that it's really summer.  Lately, our highs for the day have only been in the low 70's.  What a change from last summer where we had soooo many 100 degree days!  Not much swimming this year, I can tell you that!  Brrrr!  I probably would have been smarter to put in an ice rink........and believe me, when we did have the pool dug all those years ago, I did think of that!  lol

It's been another boring week around here creativity wise.  If I wouldn't have so much darn company, I could  keep a dirtier house.  It seems like I'm cleaning something all the time these days instead of sewing or drawing!  I do have a stack of "yet to mail" envelopes to Audrey though so I'm set for awhile:

My "load" for Audrey yet to mail........

I've been having so much fun coordinating the envelopes to the titles of the books!  Just'll see!

I did get an amazing quilt from Teri Emerson for the QT swap.  If you recall, the theme was "Under the Sea".  Remember, I sent her this:

Under the Sea #1

Well, look at the beauty she sent to me:

Mini quilt from Teri for the QT "Under the Sea" theme

It's 12 x 10" and all 3 dimensional.  The background (which doesn't show up properly) is aqua organza sprinkled with sparkles.  She used so much "bling" and embellishments, I wish you all could see this up close.  It is amazing!  Little Miss Mermaid is sooo cute with her blue hair flowing around her.  How lucky was I, huh?  What a wonderful partner to make me such a beauty!  Thank you, Teri!  I love it!

One of these days, I MUST get to that pincushion I need to make!  Maybe the weekend?  We'll see!

Other than that, I only have boring envelopes to show this week.  Not too many have gotten to Annie so far, so this is the only one for this week:

A clown for Annie

And I messed up his feet before I even sent it.  Dummy me!  I colored his shoes with a black glaze gel pen to make them shiny, and then proceeded to dust off the whole envelope......duh!  I figured Annie would understand though, and besides, I already had the stamp on the envelope.

Then, Audrey, my little sweet 5 year old great niece got these for her readers this week.  I don't remember the name of the book I put in the 1st envelope, but the 2nd contained a book from the a-z mystery series titled, "The Panda Puzzle".   She's loving this series, but it's a bit advanced for her yet, so her mama is reading them to her.

Audrey's 1st book envelope of the week

Envelope to Audrey

So, that's it!  Hope you are enjoying your summer too, no matter what the weather!  At least my AC is getting a rest!  Until next time............


Annie said...

Well I sure don't see anything boring! What a great stack ready for Audrey! She's a lucky little girl. And I'm a lucky girl too! We all like to see that we are in very good company with our silly little mess-ups. Love the envelope art and love your quilt art too! The weather? careful what you wish for.........

Rettabug said...

What joyful little treasures you've got to show this week, Carol!
The little mermaid is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E & I instantly smiled when I saw the butterfly stamp, trailing off, as if in flight.

I sat at my desk, to address a birthday card yesterday & wished I could have drawn & decorated it like you do them. How about I just send YOU a stack of envelopes to make for me?? LOL JKidding, but you COULD make a business out of this, ya' know.


KaHolly said...

Boring?? Hardly!

Createology said...

Envelope envy is what I am having after seeing your fabulous art you are creating and sending along. That is the cutest little mermaid on quite a lovely ocean quilt. Your partner really likes you I would say. Your "Under the Sea" quilt is waaay cute! Creative Happy Hearts...