Monday, January 25, 2010

DQS8 #3???

I can hardly believe there is more than a month to go on this fun doll swap and I already have so many cute little quilts done.  Think I have too many ideas?  And/or not enough other stuff to do?  I'm thinkin' you're right!!!  I guess that's what happens when you're retired and have a quiet life.  I figure it's tons more fun and loads cheaper than therapy, so why not?  Besides, I'm sure I'll find someone to take the excess off my hands if I end up with too many.  I did offer to be the swap "angel" so maybe they'll all be used, we'll see.  Wanna see #3?  I got the idea from a Gwen and Freddy book......the name escapes me right now because I loaned it to my friend to read.  Duh!

Gwen and Freddy anyone??

#4 is close to being done and will be hanging on my wall.  I am loving it, and I think I'll keep it for myself.  Who knew I'd be creative enough to really love something enough to keep it???  That rarely happens!  


Unknown said...

Just beautiful!! Love all the brights with the black and white sashing! I would keep it too!

Jen said...

It's very cool. Why are they called doll quilts anyway??

Susan said...

Very cute, those fabrics really pop!

You are the quilt "Closer" for sure, you produce and finish more than anyone else I know. Way to "git 'er dun!" lol

Riel Nason said...

I'm not sure now how I found your blog, but I really enjoy looking at all your colourful quilts. Bold bright choices are the best and you do it so well. Lively=lovely!

Lauren said...

I love how bright and cheery these are coming out!