Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Better late than never, I suppose, since the day is almost over. Duh! I should have thought of this earlier, I guess. Oh well! Hope your day was lovely and you celebrated appropriately!

I just sat around here most of the day today just doing nothing. It seems that I have wild days of sewing and then just chill for the two days following. Don't ask me when this started because I have no idea. I made duplicate little minis yesterday for the QT Swap but alas cannot show you since my partner needs to get hers first. I made me one too, I liked it so well. The theme was beach/underwater so that might give you a clue.

I can show you my quick (like really quick) little drawing for the next doll quilt though. I did draw this out the proper size today and there will be a few changes, but I think they're all for the good. I'm hoping it will be as cute in fabric.....

The Next One

So, that's about all I've been up to besides the normal housewifely, cleaning, cooking stuff. I'd rather be sewing, to be honest with you!!!

I'm hoping to finish that next doll quilt this week sometime, so stay tuned.......................I'll be back soon!


Karen said...

Carol, this is an adorable little drawing! I can't wait to see it made up! Your creativity is never ending, my friend!

Poppyprint said...

You finished your underwater quilt already!?!? I haven't even checked who my partner busy here with visitors. I best get in gear!!! Can't wait to see what you made.

Anonymous said...
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