Saturday, October 2, 2010

The mailman's been busy!

When I upload pictures from my computer rather than Flickr, I never really know what I'm going to talk about first, since those pictures load in the opposite way.........crazy, but....dumb!!! I guess for free, what do you want, huh????? Okay, okay, I'll shut my mouth and deal with it!!

First of all, I got the surprise of my life today when hubby brought the mail in and there was a package from Kim. Now, I knew we we weren't swap partners, because I had exchanged info with her earlier in the week when I asked her another question and she told me to watch my mailbox because she sent me something. And how cool it is too!!!! Check this out:

Isn't that just the neatest thread catcher you ever saw? I am a huge one for just throwing my excess threads on the floor next to me as I sew and when I'm done, I have a big pile......or the dog has already dragged them all over the rest of the house after visiting me throughout the day. I can't wait to use it!! Thank you soooooo much, Kim!! What a wonderful gift!

Then, yesterday, I also got's so fun being in swaps and getting more than bills and junk mail.......I got this darling fabric postcard and label from the infamous, bahamadawn. Now, if you don't know Kim (alias..bahamadawn), you must visit her flickr. She has a wonderful unique style and guessed it, in the Bahamas! Aren't you just a bit jealous now?
Of course, you knew that I was in the Mug Rug swap. Well, I already had two partners, but in the discussion threads once, there was this girl, "Dawn" (punskinsmoon) who missed the signups and was sad, so I decided to do a private swap with her. This is the one I made for her:

Private Mug Rug Swap

And this is the one she sent me:
Some of my favorite colors and white. It'll even match my new mug!

And, last, but not least is the scrappy pincushion that I got from my partner, Mary, or as she is known, 13 insane penguins. (I'm getting so good at this linky-link stuff, don't you think????) She thought it was right up my alley with the colorful coaster and plated pincushions in black and white. Aren't they pretty?

So, that's been my week. I also got some mini-mini blocks in the mail, but forget those for now. Some day I'll make a quilt out of all of them and then you'll get to see them all at once. I also have a clean house (yeah), a stocked cupboard for now (yeah again) and made a few blocks for charity. How's your week been?


Poppyprint said...

You are the swap queen, Carol! What a lovely week of mail for you. I had a pretty regular week, but man I'm having an exciting weekend! I met quilting royalty last night, then a good blog friend in person at a quilt show today (wait 'till you see the gorgeous wool mug rug she made me!). Watch my blog for the details coming soon, plus my 1st blogiversary giveaway!!

maree said...

Phew - bet your postie was getting loads of smiles this week with those great parcels being handed over:) What great treats and all so unique. Being new to blogging I have only discovered these swaps so am looking forward to taking part in some as they look like so much fun. Wonder what your next week will be like???? Ciao