Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All sorts of stuff today.......

I just love tulips, don't you?  I so wished I could have picked these outside, but alas, like I told you last time, I live in Wisconsin.  Tulips don't pop here until sometime in May (at the earliest).  No, I got these at the grocery store.  Pink and white is my favorite!!  (And I deserved them!!)

I'm a bad friend!  (Actually, that's not true....but this time I'm so ashamed, that I could be a bad friend.)  So often I show you things that my internet swap friends make, but this time I completely forgot to show you this awesome fabric bowl that my dear, real live, living close to me friend, Susie, made me for my birthday last month.  Where is my brain???

Isn't it cool?  Apparently you twist fabric around clothes line and sew the whole mess together somehow.    Don't ask me!  But check it out....it is perfectly round, and wonderful!  Right now I have it on my cocktail table in front of my couch in the living room, but it was too dark in there this morning to take pictures, so I took it in the dining room (and I see the dust on that table...shame, shame on me!!)  Thank you, Susie!  I love it!!

Last time, I told you that I would show you the awesome mini quilt that I got from Ruthie for the STUD (swap til U drop) group.  The whole thing contains my favorite things.  Little did I know that she would blow me away by paper piecing all the items.  I don't know (can't/never learned/no patience for) paper piecing.

STUD - favorite things from Ruthie

Ad here are some close-ups.  She embroidered the bottom two items from Alice in Wonderland......so cute!  

And put my name in the top stars......how clever!!

So, that's about it for today!  I'm working on a commission quilt and hopefully will finish it today or tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek.............

As you can tell, it's not even quilted yet.  So, until next time........be well, and have fun!  Life is too short not to try to enjoy yourself at least a little every day!!  Go buy yourself a tulip!!  LOL


Mommarock said...

The tulips are very nice.. I love pink and white.. I think the bowl is wonderful... will have to find how that works.. cuz I'm now thinking there might be a place for something like that here!

Cindy Sharp said...

Tulips are beautiful and happy flowers. I'm so spoiled to live in Texas - I complain a lot, but truth is I've gotten used to the mild winters and early spring.

Thanks for sharing the sunshine!

Judi said...

Oh WOW what a quilt! Looking forward to seeing your commision quilt.

Wendy said...

Beautiful bowl :) And yes, your tulips are lovely ... time to quilt some for your wall so you don't have to wait for them to bloom. Happy sewing!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the tulips I have some blooming right now so I guess we are at least 6 to 8 weeks ahead of you in the flower department.

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Your Tulips are really pretty! I wish we could have Tulips around our house...They actually do grow. But, we usually only see stems and leaves...Why? The deer love the taste of the flower =(

The quilt...is sooo VERY pretty and really fun to look at all the details!


Unknown said...

Loooove the sneak peak :o))

Poppyprint said...

I love, love tulips, too. That fabric bowl is so huge and fabulous. I've watched people make smaller versions at retreats but never tried it - I'm too afraid to mess with my machine's tension by putting such a thick cord under the foot! Totally adore your 'favorite things' quilt -it is incredibly creative and just perfect for you!!

Trudi said...

I wish you could see the tulips outside my front door! If you were closer I'd pick them for you! :)