Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ladies and Swaps

Although I haven't really come off my cloud yet after receiving my "Love Quilt" from all my marvelous friends on Flickr last Wednesday, I thought you might be missing the ladies and be anxious to see who was next.  I know I'm excited to show you.

#6 in the series is Shirley.  Shirley is my real friend.  She lives about 30 minutes away from me.  She's the one I was telling you about in the last post who lives in Siberia.  (Not really, but the drive from my house to hers, just seems like it.)  Anyway, I met Shirley (and Susie too - who you'll meet in a few days) in 2008 when both of them were working at my neighborhood quilt shop and I was learning how to quilt.  Funny thing is that neither of them work there now, but we all are the best of friends.

Shirley - the drawing

Shirley #6 in Ladies Series

Does she look familiar?  You might know her as "freidasew" on Flickr.  Lots of people call her Freida....too bad her real name is Shirley!

#7 Lady - Gloria is a made up lady although someone in the world MUST look like her, I'm thinkin'!  She's really pretty....and has eyes to die over.  Just check out the assembly:

And here is the drawing, close-up and finished quilt of Gloria:

Gloria - the drawing

Love those eyes!

Gloria #7 in The Ladies Series

I think Gloria is one of my favorite ones yet.  If you are interested in purchasing Gloria, please e-mail me at turznik@ execpc dot com.  She needs a new mom!  LOL

And onto the swaps.  I got my mug rug from the same person who I made my mug rugs for.  (I know that's a crummy sentence all you teachers, and I'm sorry.)  Anyway, she had me and I had her.  She used my new puppy, Toby, for inspiration and made this package:

From "beachgirlsews"

Everything was so nice, but what really got to me was her unique way of sending it off.  Sue (beachgirlsews) actually packaged it all together in brown paper and sewed around the insides into the shape of a bone to secure it and put cute stickers all over it.  Such amazing creativity!  I bet the postal workers were smiling too, just like me!

The mailing package

Did you ever see anything so cute???  I didn't think so!

Then, today I got a huge priority box in the mail and I'm wondering what I did to get all this stuff, but after I opened it, I remembered that I was in a STUD swap too and my partner, Kimmie, was sending me her package.  Lately, it seems my brain is out to lunch....or maybe still on cloud 9 with my new quilt!  :D

Stud package from Kimmie

Would you just look at all that stuff!  AMAZING!  It was like Christmas!  A book, a bookmark, a seed pack, a tape measure, jams from Oregon....e-gads!  Plus, that marvelous quilt!  Love those flying geese!

So, my friends, that's it for today!  Whew, huh?  I'm pooped too just showing you all this stuff!  I've had a fantastic week.  Hope yours was just as good!  Thanks for all your awesome comments on my new quilt.  I do love it so!!!


Amy Friend said...

Wow, you have had quite the week!!

Jen said...

OMG!! I LOVE SHIRLEY!!!!!! It totally looks like her! And that bottom little guy with the flying geese? LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have had a busy week! Great mail too. I take it your new baby is letting you get some sewing time. Oh my... Now I know there's not many to go I'm getting so excited to meet Kat tee heee :)

Martha said...

Love the girls! What fun gifts!!!

Sandra Kaye said...

Wow!! This is the exact reason why I started my blog. I want to find kind people to inspire me and become great friends with. Great ladies!! I love your girl quilts. HUgs--- Sandie

Mary Anne Drury said...

OMG - i want to hang out with Shirley and Gloria !!!! They look like a couple of fun gals ! (I LOVE your drawings - and then when they become quilts !!! Well THAT is just ICING on the CAKE !!)

...and what a fun package full of great stuff! (how very creative to make the package a dog bone shape !)

Cindy Sharp said...

I'm loving your guildy girls.

That dog bone package saved a life....I'm sure it relieved some poor postal workers tension and kept them from slipping over the edge. Lol

Great package from Kimmie!

Annie said...

Well, I call her Freida in fun cause I do know her name is Shirley and you've turned her into a fabulous fabric art! I'm gettin' pretty excited for my mail next week! Oh, Carol, look at Gloria!...that girl's got a little attitude - eh? Love her! What fun swap packs you got. Cute little flying geese quiltie and how fun to get that doggie bone mail!

Sara said...

Your "ladies" designs are so cool to look at Carol--love them to pieces!

Great swap prizes!!

2ne said...

Wow, I just love the ladies that you make - they are so great :-)

mamadevlin said...

Darling, darling, darling....your friend is so lucky to get such a special gift!

Rettabug said...

Carol, I had no idea that Shirley had brown hair & green eyes! I pictured her TOTALLY differently. LOL I'm SEW glad you've captured her in fabric & I know she loves her special little quilt from you just as much as I love mine.

Gloria is a cute one too & I bet she gets snatched up real fast.

Great gifts from all your swap partners! SEW creative & thoughtful!
You are well loved, my friend.