Friday, October 28, 2011

I knew this would happen....

I think this is the first time in all my years blogging where I don't really have anything to blog about.....I mean I could show you pictures of my messy dining room table (which REALLY needs attention, believe me), but I wouldn't want you to think I belonged to fabric hoarders or some other strange organization.  I did take pictures on my way to mailing out some packages on Monday, so perhaps you will be satisfied with those?

And yes, I was driving when I snapped this and luckily I did photograph the street because my eyes never left the road and I had to snap and hold the camera with one hand since I was holding the wheel with the other one.  ('Course I did slow down to about 15 mph too.)

And here we are.  If you've ever gotten a package from me, this is where I mailed it.

And, then of course, I had to drive home:

And when I got there, I thought it was time to give Toby a bath.  Bet you didn't know what he really looked like under all that coat, did you?

And here he is all ready for Trick or Treat:

Happy Halloween

Then, I found a cute picture of another Havanese on the web.  I couldn't help but copy it to show you:

Have a great Halloween!  Don't eat too much candy!


Sheila said...

Cute doggy :) But would have loved to see photos of messy dining table... I can relate to that! :)

Mary said...

Pretty Fall Colors. I was Lucky to get one of those Boxes you sent Monday. THANKS, your $$ is on it's way.

LJ said...

Oh my goodness. I came here for quilting and inspiration, not puppy porn! Lolol! The indignity Toby suffered from that. PPoor Toby. Awww.
I didn't know your trees turned colours down there. Have a nice weekend!

CJ said...

Ha ha ha ha, love the pictures of your dog! So cute! So darling! Ha ha, love the look she's giving you and love the wet dog as well. HA HA!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

Annie said...

hahaha...he looks like the drowned rat we've talked about for years when we get soaking wet and shouldn't be. Pretty ugly under all that pretty fluffy fur. He'll hate you for that picture when he grows up......oh yeah, he's already grown up...ok, sorry, I apologize. He does look cute tho!

Judy said...

What a cutie!! He's all ready to answer the door for Halloween.

One can never have too much quilting fabric ;-)

Beth said...

Turns out I live pretty close to you! Good ole gtown.

Pokey said...

What fun, a day in the life!

Sewconsult said...

You are one hilarious lady! And yes, I want to see your messy table. You know, creative people can be that tidy! At least, that's what I keep telling myself.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

beachiesews said...

That wet dog...LOL!

VickiT said...

How funny. You are so bad driving and taking those pics. BUT, as long as you weren't texting I guess you're ok. haha

That poor dog with the hat doesn't look like he is too fond of that thing. Maybe it's too heavy and he just fell over?

Your dog is so pretty. I really like dogs with some fur on them and not those kind that have such short hair it's like petting a bald head. Nothing against bald heads of course considering my husband has one of those. :)

Jen said...

Snicker, you say you slowed down to 15 but I saw your speedometer lady!! =)

Toby as a drowned rat is ADORABLE!!

Gmama Jane said...

Joy, Joy, Joy, My Lady Jane arrived Sat. just like you said she would!!! I was gone when she arrived and my whole family was bursting at the seams to see what was inside a package to Gmama ALL the way from WISCONSIN!!?? We even had to get out a map to show the grandpeeps where Wisconsin was located. Anyhoo, back to "ME". I'm OVER the TOp thrilled with how much you captured ME. Carol, it is amazing what you, your pencil and your sewing machine can create! I stand Amazed all over again. This was MY treat to MYSELF and I'm more than happy with the result. Even my husband was quite impressed and it takes a lot to get more than a grunt out of the mister on anything quilty. In fact, he had to call a few friends to tell them about it. I was shocked! The Gpeeps thought it looked like Grandmama. My DIL was the first to notice the significance of each earring. You really got it, Carol. Thank you so very much! Please email me and tell me how to find your paypal account so I can send your money via cyberspace.
Gmama Jane

Kathy said...

I am in awe of your quilt portraits. You are a true artist with these. They are amazing! I've looked at all of them over and over and just can not believe how wonderful they are. And unique!!!