Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a deal!!!!

OMG!!!  Did I find a deal and I'm sure you're going to agree after you read this post (which, incidentally has NOTHING to do with sewing, crafts, food, or related items.)  

As many of you know, I recently had cataract surgery.  Now, after a few weeks when everything settles down, you go back to the eye doctor and get a prescription for new glasses.  I was looking forward to that since I hadn't gotten new glasses in about 5-6 years.  I also figured it was time to get new prescription sunglasses (which I keep in the car, but need for really sunny days).  I went around my town trying on various frames and pricing their lenses prior to getting the new prescription so I'd be "ready to go".   What really flipped me out was the difference in cost from one place to another.  I wear single vision lenses since I only need my glasses for distance.  (I take them off for close work.)  One place wanted $158 for those and another only $48 and that didn't include the cost for high index (which makes the lenses thinner).  Those prices also ranged from $50 to $100, plus the various costs of the frames.  One thing I really wanted was polarized sunglasses and those prices were really unbelievable!  I was thinking that this whole endeavor might put me in the hole over $800 for both, if not more.  That was.................until I found this:

I had heard about Zenni Optical on the radio once upon a time, but had forgotten about it until a friend of my hubby mentioned that he got his glasses there and was really pleased.  So, I checked it out and look what I got for a total of only $62 shipped right to my door!!!!

And they're polarized plus anti-glare!  I LOVE them!  In fact, I love them so much that I'm going to order another pair and right now the shipping is free!

So, you ask, what happened to my everyday glasses?  Well, I ordered them from a regular eyeglass place because I LOVED the frames so much, AND I needed my PD.....pupillary distance (the distance in mm from eye to eye....which you can get from the last place that made your lenses) to order the Zenni glasses.......BUT, it's been over two weeks and guess what?  I still don't have those!!  Crazy!  


Bonnie said...

Wow what a deal. I just got new lenses (no new frames) from our local eye doctor. I have no line bifocal and transistion lenses. I just paid $399.90. I have to go back in tomorrow because they are not right. I see another image, not quite double vision,above the thing I am looking at and it is really strange at night to see headlights and signs that way. I think I will have to look elsewhere next time.

Michelle said...

The price differences are bizarre, aren't they? My husband checked the price for sunglasses at the eye doctor -- $500something. And then they put a lock on his insurance benefit so when he tried to buy less expensive glasses elsewhere, he had to unravel what they'd done. (I'm really not convinced that was an accident!)

I'm a huge fan of Costco for my glasses. Haven't tried the online places yet, but I'm tempted! Let us know how yours work out for you.

Carol said...

It is crazy the difference in prices. We go through this every time my daughter needs new glasses too.

Jean(ie) said...

Love zenni... I've bought from them before. cheap, easy and fast... gotta love em!

Eileen said...

What a timely posting - I had completely forgotten about Zenni and I need a new pair of glasses - thanks!

Snoodles said...

Oh, thank you, thank you....I really need to go get a new prescription and glasses. My nose just isn't long enough anymore, to pull the glasses down and make things clear. LOL
I will check out Zenni, cos I've been doing just like you did, and I'm going crazy about the high prices everywhere! Thanks!

Sewconsult said...

What a deal! I have progressive lens (No-line tri-focals) and my main glasses cost a fortune. Because I wanted prescription sunglasses, I chose those from the "secret-back-room-stock". With my "high-priced-no-dilation-test", 2 pairs of glasses and no eye-wear insurance, my bill came to the total of $1200. This is why I wait too long for new glasses. The doctor fussed at me for waiting so long. I told him that I liked him too much to change doctors, but he charged an arm and a leg.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Anonymous said...

Your information hits the spot, thank you very much! I need to buy one pair of prescription sunglasses for hubby. Just checked out Zenni’s website, and their prices are so cheap. What’s more, once the order is over $50, the US shipping charge will be free. A great deal! However, I still want to know if there are any other things that I need to pay more attention to before I place the order? Any advices would be appreciated.
I need to pay more attention to in the process of placing orders