Sunday, December 11, 2011

We have a winner.......

So, early this morning I say to hubby:  "Hey hon.....pick a number between 1 and 99, okay?"

And I get, "What for?"

"What? What difference does it make?  Just pick a number!  Really, it's no big deal!"

And then he says,"  Well, if it's no big deal, why can't you just pick it?"

E-gads, sometimes after 39 years of marriage, you just can't win!  In any event, after we went through this a bit more, Mr. Wonderful eventually picked #25.  And #25 is"

RobinLovesQuilting who said:  "I never did see a better excuse to make a table runner than a completely clear table.  Love the centerpiece, and thank you for the give away".  

I have e-mailed you. Robin, so please get back to me so I can send off your fabric pronto and thanks to all of you for commenting and being so wonderful!  I'm truly blessed to have so many wonderful readers.

On that note of table runners, look what I got in the mail from my dear friend, Rett:

Looks like I won't have to empty out my bins now to quickly make myself something.  Looks awesome, huh?  How cool is that?  Thank you, my friend!!!  Stick the centerpiece on top and wa-la!!!  (I do need some fresh cranberries though....those a looking a bit frazzled already from soaking for 10 days.)

On the sewing front, the only thing I have sewn are these:

Christmas Presents

Farbenmix "Olivia" for summer

I made two of each.  One for my granddaughter and one for my great niece.  The long sleeved will be for Christmas and since each has birthdays early in the year, I figured I'd make short sleeved ones (with biker shorts) right away as long as I had everything out.  The pattern (Farbenmix "Olivia") is simple, simple and goes together probably faster than tracing the size and cutting it out.  AND, most importantly, kids love it!  I've made them before!  Knits are sooooo forgiving and fun!

So, my friends, that's it for today!  I have a few more things to show you this year and then I'll have to mess up my table again, I guess.  LOL  Yeah!  I'm already thinking of cool neat stuff!  Have a great day!


Gill said...

Congratulations Robin!
I love the 2 outfits you've made - so cute!

Maria said...

Oh how cute are those little outfits!!!!

Chris said...

Congratulations, Robin. Nice way to start the day. I've never seen those patterns - delightful! No babies in our family. We're between generations.....sniff.

regan said...

Oh my, those little outfits are adorable! Those little peanuts will look so darned cute! And I think your husband is a hoot....sounds just like a few hubbies I know, too! lol

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congratulations Robin!
Carol, those little outfits are just too cute. I am so sure the girls will love them.

Annie said...

hahaha...Bob's are so funny, aren't they! Congrats Robin! That table looks much better now with the new table piece from Rett. I love it when friends come to the rescue!

VickiT said...

Oh my gosh! Those outfits are adorable. Your family are all very lucky because you do such an amazing job at everthing it appears.

VickiT said...

Oh and I was laughing as I read the part about you attempting to get such as easy task done as asking hubby to choose a number. LOL Sounds very familiar.

Sheila said...

Love thoose wee outfits - I am a grandma in waiting so looking at this stuff with new interest.

Jennifer M. said...

Adorable outfits! I'm sure the girls will looks absolutely adorable wearing them. :)


RobinLovesQuilting said...

Thank you so much! Also, those outfits are adorable, and my husband is the same way - heaven forbid he just answer the question! Of course, I do the same to him, so turnabout is fair play, I guess.

Karen said...

The outfits are darling and are sure to look great on the little ones. I just read your earlier post about the Austrailian Homespun Magazine. Congratulations! The article is wonderful and the quilts are delightful. You even made the cover of the magazine! I always said that you should be in these magazines! (I am patting myself on the back here for being able to spot genius. ;)) So happy for you, Carol!

charlotte said...

the outfits are darling and husbands...well, they're like that sometimes aren't they?

Sewconsult said...

Congratulations to Robin! The outfits are so cute. I am sure that they will be thrilled with them.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Pretty Things said...

Those are adorable!

Rettabug said...

How wonderful that Robin won! Congrats to her!

Your little knit outfits turned out so sweet, Carol...great job on both.

I'm SEW glad you like your tabletopper that I made specifically for you, with that LIME GREEN! I was hoping it would go with all your other Christmas decorations. It looks nice on your table...thanks for showing us a photo of it there with your arrangement.

Talk to you soon!