Monday, July 16, 2012

"You Rock"

Just like most of the US, we've had exceptionally hot weather in Wisconsin.  In all my days on this planet, I can't ever remember so many days stretched out in the high 90's and even days over 100.  In fact today and tomorrow are supposed to top the 100 degree mark again and I HATE it!!!  Being asthmatic really sucks in this weather!  It's normally hard enough to breathe anyway (with a lung capacity of only 39% due to an acute infection which hospitalized me for 10 days in 2005), but in this weather it's nearly impossible!  Thank God for air conditioning and crayons!  Yes, you heard that right...........CRAYONS!!!  I've broken them out again (now that I found the perfect sharpener at my local grocery store) and I have been busy!  I've made a few creations (some of which I might use for swaps so must keep under wraps), but this one I just couldn't save.  I love it and it has brought out inspiration for, names, affirmation sayings, numbers, etc.  What do you think?

First, of course, I did the drawing.  Actually, prior to that, I was just doodling on note paper, but when I realized where I was going, got out some big paper to "play" on.

"You Rock" - the drawing

When I was done, I couldn't trace it fast enough, I was so excited to see it finished.  This is what it looked like colored.  (I show you these ugly pictures, just so you know that your quilt will look 10000% better finished when you try this method too, you know??)

"You Rock" - the process

And here it is all done:

"You Rock" - The finished Quilt

"You Rock" - up close

Fun, huh?  The finished size is 15 x 17 inches and it's for sale.  The first $59 plus $6 shipping takes it home!  Someone must need a "You Rock" quilt starring at them in their sewing studio, don't you think?  E-mail me!  My info is on my side board.

I suppose you're all wondering how the family pool party went last Saturday.  I really wanted to take pictures (really I did!!).  I charged up my camera and everything, but when it was all going on, I forgot to even take the goofy camera outside, I was so busy going in and out getting stuff for everyone.  I think the gang had a good time.  The weather was nice....high 80's with a slight breeze and the food was yummy!  I think my biggest hit was this marinated tomato salad:

Marinated Tomato Salad

I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman's blog and it was MARVELOUS and I'm not even much of a tomato girl!!  I will make it again!!  Her blog is listed on my sideboard, so click on it, then cooking, and go to "sides" and scroll down to Missy's Marinated Tomato Salad (or something like that) to get your own copy of the recipe.  You'll love it too, I promise!!  Oh......just for the record, I forgot to add the thyme, so you really don't need it..............(just for the record).  lol


Cindy Sharp said...

Your little quilt is marvelous! If you keep it up we might have to change your name to Charlotte. (as in Charlotte's Web). Although, I can't imagine someone being thrilled to have a little quilt that read "Some pig"

Annie said...

Way to keep yourself happy and your creative juices running while it's too hot for anything else! I'm glad your pool party was another success. Thanks for passing along the delicious looking tomato recipe but I think I'm going to let you make them for me. :-)

Sara said...

What a cool quilt Carol!! That looks like a fun technique indeed:):)

Unknown said...

Yet another great quilt from an unbelievable creative woman! I love it!

Kathleen said...

love your quilt...I am going to have to try that technique...I saw the recipe on Pioneer Woman and even signed up for her too looks like a great blog...

Gmama Jane said...

It's YOU that Rock!!! I am always amazed at your talent...your creations make me smile. I try to copy but it never quite looks like the real think. You do inspire me to try new techniques. My "lady #19" sits proudly on my sewing room wall and my Grandchildren Love it!!
Gmama Jane

Susan said...

More outstanding stuff - love the flowers and buttons in the earlier post - so simple but clever and that tomato dish looks great.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I love your wall hanging.....hope the crayons didn't melt with all the heat you have been having! Those marinated tomatoes look so yummy, I'll have to check out the recipe, thanks!