Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing & Baking

Well, no time like the present to start the holiday baking, I say, and thanks to all your nice comments, and interest in my cookies, I'm going to devote at least one or two posts to just those starting next week.  First, though, I want to show you the last two mug rugs I made......(and if I have time, I still have ideas for about 3 more, but who knows if the swap will be over by the time I have time to get out the machine again???  It's only been two days, and I already miss sewing.)

First, let me introduce, "Rudy":


"Rudy" ended up at 6 x 9 inches and was super simple to make.  I have come to realize that the simple mug rugs are the most admired, probably because they're the easiest to copy.  lol  (Which, incidentally,  doesn't bother me a bit, I might add!!)  I'm here for inspiration.....

Then, since I hadn't done a crayon method quilt in awhile, I thought that might be fun for one.  Who knows what will happen after it gets laundered though.

"Let's Decorate"

I called that one, "Let's Decorate".  It's 8 1/2 by 6 1/2" and was done with my usual crayon method which I've described many times.  Personally, I'm not crazy about that one......probably because I like brighter colors for Christmas.

THEN..............ta-da..............I made 1 of three pies I will be bringing to my sister's for Thanksgiving.  I love making this one since it can be made ahead of time and frozen.  (Just call me, Mrs. Smith!)  And tell me, who doesn't just love a good pecan pie?

There are a million recipes for pecan pie on the web, and I think mine is either from there or a combination of a few different ones, but the thing that I LOVE is my pie crust recipe.  It's super simple and has never failed me:


Mix 1/2 cup shortening
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt with a pastry cutter until blended

Slowly pour in 3-4 Tablespoons ice cold water, stirring until mixture comes together.

Shape dough into a ball, press into a disk shape, wrap in plastic and refrigerate 30 minutes.

On floured surface, roll chilled dough into circle to fit your pie plate.  Flute edges.

For pies needing prepared crust, bake 450 degrees 10-12 minutes.  For all other, bake as recipe suggests.

Happy baking!  And I'll be back next week with a bunch of cookie pictures and recipes (since I'm not sewing..........phooey!)


Belinda said...

Oh my goodness that Rudy is just the cutest thing!! I like the ornaments too. And your pie makes me want to take a bite out of my screen!

Annie said...

We sure don't call you the mug rug queen for no good reason! How many good reasons is that now just for this one swap?...4?...5? LOL

Leanne said...

I was thinking of cookies yesterday, maybe I should bake too. I have been loving your holiday mug rugs this year.

Lappedamen said...

Rudy is so cute and the pai looks very good. Mmmmmm, I can feel the taste of it...

Gmama Jane said...

Your blog is in my top 5 blogs. I'm always inspired and yes, the simplicity of your drawings are so inspirational...and easy to copy...LOL!! Actually, the truth be told, mine never turn out quite like yours. You just have that extra special "mojo" that makes anything you do uniquely mamacjt's!! But I do love everything you make ...not like I haven't told you that at least 10 times! I have a pie crust question. Do you *cut* your shortening in when you combine it? My crusts are never as flaky as I want them to be. What could I be doing? Can't wait for your cookies. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm grocery shopping today and tomorrow after church (les crowds) and cooking begins Monday. 19 will be eating at my house and staying for 4 days so I have to feed them several meals.
Gmama Jne
Lady #19

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Oh cute mug rugs Carol. I could see Rudy in "lady" size. He would be cute on the wall next to "Debra". Well done. Keep inspirng. Thank you.

Nancy B said...

Love your mug rugs, Carol. Your pie is beautiful and I'll bet it's yummy, too. Thanks for the recipe.

Happy Sewing!

Anonymous said...

For shame for shame (lol) you show us a photo of a scrumptious pecan pie and don't share the recipe? Please share it along with the requested cookie recipes. I love your mug rug mini quilts, and I have always wanted to copy one, but never have because I was respecting your copy right & artistic license. Alas, but you have stated that they are the easiest to copy, and added that incidentally, it doesn't bother you one bit. Well, I can only presume that being copied is the greatest form of flattery, and now that I know it's okay to semi-copy some of your cute mug-rugs, I think I might sort of copy one. You are so secure in your being and so willing to share. Thank you, and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

hron said...

Carol . . . as the saying goes . . . "Where have you been all my life"? I just discovered your wonderful blog through my subscription with "Craft Gossip". How wonderful!!! LOVE your little quilts "Rudy" and "Let's Decorate" and I'll be subscribing to your blog via Google Reader so I don't miss a single thing!!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm!!!! - Marcia

Kate said...

I quite like those mug rugs and oh my, your pecan pie has me drooling.

Kerstin said...

Rudi is so great!!!
liebe grüße

robin said...

I just tried your pie crust recipe and wanted to say a big thanks! It is by far the easiest recipe I've used- which is quite a few, actually! It turned out flakey and made a beautiful pumpkin pie!

Sherrie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your designs and I'm so glad I discovered your blog! Keep creating these wonderful, colourful ideas. They make my day!