Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lady #59 plus more

Happy Birthday, Natalie!  (You ask me how I know that?)  Well, it's 'cause her daughter, Ellen, ordered "her" for her 75th birthday, so now she's officially Lady #59.  

Lady #59 - Natalie

And here is the photo I worked from:

Ellen was also kind enough to send me a picture of her mother with "herself" taken this week at the big reveal:

Lady #59 - Natalie with herself

Another happy customer!!  Yeah!  The final portrait for the year was mailed yesterday so right after Christmas (or maybe a bit thereafter since I think there is another January birthday gift in there) you will see the remaining 2013 ladies.  I must admit, I had a ball creating them all this year!  So fun!

On another note, here are a few envelopes you haven't seen yet:

Freezing chicken

Pirate Series Book #2

Christmas theme for the weekly book

Big Mouth Bass

Christmas is coming......

Santa and his plane

Pirate Series Book #3

Painting the town red

Whew!  I guess there were more than I thought!  That's what I get for posting about puppies, huh?  Kinda screwed up all the creative!  Just for the record, no decision in that regard....yet!  I've been down for the count with a cold, or something weird, and finally went to the doctor yesterday, so I haven't been back to see the little darlings.  Hopefully, I can pop back to wellness fast before we get hit with a snowstorm....yuck!  I'm not crazy about driving in that stuff anymore.

So, that's the news!  Be well, my friends and stay warm!  Winter is here!!!


KaHolly said...

She came out beautiful!! Your envelopes are fun, fun, fun! I envy your talent! Feel better!!

Ellyn said...

Thank you so much Carol! I loved seeing the smile on Mom's face when she received her lady!

Ellyn said...

also, I just blogged about it too.

Annie said...

What a fun birthday surprise, an awesome fabric portrait! Your envelopes are so much fun! I don't remember that fishing one. I must check back through your flickr.

Mary said...

Oh, Carol, your latest lady is just beautiful and I love the goofy elf with a stamp attached to his hat...or is Santa by the airplane my favorite...Thanks for making me smile this chilly morning.

Cindy Sharp said...

Love your work....or should I call it play? You never fail to make me smile.

Createology said...

Natalie looks sew much like herself in your quilt portrait #59. Wonderful birthday gift from her daughter. Carol your placement of stamps is as clever as your envelope drawings. December Delights Dear...

Anonymous said...

Love your work so very amazing...!

Rettabug said...

Sorry to hear you've been dragging, Carol but I'm glad you went to the doctor. You CAN'T get sick!!

I smiled from ear to ear when I saw Natalie's nailed her perfectly, especially her eyes! Pretty necklace, too.

Your envelopes are a hoot...the double flying flags that blew all the feathers off the chicken were brilliant and the parrot stamp ON the spy glass...what can I say...positively brilliant.

I hope you know what a precious gift you have & I also hope you know how many people get such enjoyment from it. I can't tell you how many people I've directed to your site to see your work.

Keep Warm Hugs,

Miss Major said...

Your lady quilts are darling! I just LOVE them. Love the envelopes too. Wow!! Impressive.