Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mostly books this week…...

All I did last week is read.  Seriously!  Seems that almost every book I picked up (and I did borrow some from the library…if you can believe???) was so good that I could hardly put it down.  Things will change this week though.  My house needs some attention badly!!  The dust is calling and I must prepare for Easter, although at this juncture, I'm not real sure what I might be doing.  Usually, my sister and her family host the holiday, but this year, she, my brother-in-law, her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are on vacation until late Saturday, so won't have time and she let me know before she left that they'd just as soon forget it anyway considering the after vacation chores required to prepare for the work week on Monday.  My head is spinning with Easter possibilities, but the question is whether or not I really want the work, expense, and hassle involved with just providing a holiday outlet for my adult kids and their spouses (none of whom is religious anyway) and one little 5 year old granddaughter whom I rarely see anyway unless she requires a gift for some special occasion.  Naturally, I do have a basket filled with goodies…….so one way or another she will be blessed even if we have to drive it over to her!    Call me lazy, but at this time in my life, I'd much rather just read than be expected to provide tradition just for tradition sake.  I guess you'll find out next week… too!  lol

These are the books of the week:

"Second Star to the Right"            by            Mary Alice Monroe
"The Ocean at the End of the Lane"        by                  Neil Gaiman
"The Glass Kitchen"                by              Linda Francis Lee  
"In the Blood"          by            Lisa Unger
"The Winter People"        by         Jennifer McMahon
"The Third Hill North of Town"          by         Noah Bly

I won "The Glass Kitchen" free through First Reads give away.  The release date isn't until June.  All I was asked was to give an honest review.  Easy enough!  That one and "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" were the worse ones of the week.  All the others were top notch!  They were all different, but equally entertaining!  I highly recommend any and all! 

Then, naturally, I sent out some envelopes:

So there you have it!  My week in a nutshell!  OH…….and I did get a jury service notice for May.  Ugh!  Good thing we can take books there to read while we wait.  lol


Annie said...

Ah, a summons for jury duty. There you go, a reading opportunity guilt free! lol That's quite the book list for a week. That's almost a book a day! I'm on page 367.

The envelopes are your usual cuteness! I love most the snail.

kiwikid said...

Love all the envelopes, but the Eater Bunny is soooo cute!!!

Susan said...

Love the envelopes - We have a four day break for Easter - Friday through to Monday are holidays and then on the following Friday - we have Anzac day - so a 3 day working week for most - although a lot of people will take leave then - it is also school holidays. Camping is the "thing" for Easter break in Australia (unless you are a princess like me...who finds it a bit rough...)
Enjoy it whatever you do.

Cindy Sharp said...

As soon as I get caught up on quilting I've promised people, I am going to find a good book.

Createology said...

Now that is just the cutest snail ever! I am swamped with my "snail mail" NLWM month of April. Creative Bliss...