Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you Moms have a super duper day!  The sun is shining here and so far the temps are cool, but going into the low 70s, so the weather should be perfect!  Unfortunately, both my kids have plans with the other halves of their lives, so this year, hubby and I are on our own, although who knows, one or the other might pop in to say, "Hi" anyway.  We'll see.

I want to thank you all for your thoughts last week on my jury duty.  I'm happy to report that the trial was called off and I didn't have to show up.  YEAH!!!  Now, if you all can pull that off again for the next days I'm scheduled (May 19th through the 22nd) I'll be an even happier girl.  (I'll remind you next week just so you don't forget.  lol)

I might have mentioned that I recently joined a few swaps.  I like to keep my fingers in the pie so to speak without huge projects looming and I thought by joining the smaller project swaps, I might just be able to pull that off.  Below is a mug rug (6" x 9.5") I made for my secret partner.  She hasn't commented on it yet so I'm thinking this isn't her style at all.  Guess I'll have to try again.  Stay tuned…..I do have another idea that I'll sew up this week.

Of course, I sent out envelopes to my little sweeties this week.  Thankfully, I have many envelopes with books enclosed already made up, addressed and stamped, so whipping one out of the cupboard is an easy task.  I do have to color some more soon that I've already drawn, so perhaps that will be on my list to do this week too.

I'm loving the library!!!  Although I do have a stack (actually two stacks) of soft cover books that I've purchased and haven't read yet, I continue to find NEW fiction from our local library.  I think it's so neat that they belong to a SHARE system that contains 44 libraries from 5 counties from which to borrow.  All I do is look up a book online, and put a "HOLD" on it and within days (sometimes longer) they call to tell me it has arrived and I can pick it up.  Soooooo cool!   These are the ones I read this week:

"The Book of Jonah"  (Debut)                        by               Joshua Max Feldman
"Necessary Lies"                                             by               Diane Chamberlain
"Gemini"                                                         by               Carol Cassella
"The End of Always"  (Debut)                       by               Randi Davenport
"The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion" by               Fannie Flagg

By far, "Necessary Lies" and the last one, "The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion" were the best.  I'm telling you, I laughed out loud at Fannie Flagg's writing.  She is a riot!  I remember reading her years ago, but for some reason didn't enjoy her as much as I do now.  Perhaps it's because I'm older, or maybe because people don't write as much for fun anymore.  I noticed that most books now are really serious and try to have a message, but sometimes I want to read just for the fun of it and if a book can make me laugh (or even cry for that matter)…….I'm all for it!

Have a great week, my friends!  Do something fun!


Ellyn said...

well I LOVE that mugrug, she'd be crazy not to! Will have to pick up the Fannie Flagg book, I always enjoy her writing

Annie said...

Those modern flowers you make are so refreshing and delightful. As are the adorable envelopes for the girls. I love the Rocket Scientist.

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Happy Mothers your mug rug...thanks also for your book suggestions...each time you post, I look to see what my local online library has from your list...right now I'm 2/3rds thru "Fall of Marigolds" - not normally a read I would have looked at twice...but so glad to say I'm really enjoying it.

beachiesews said...

Who wouldn't love your work??? My grandson still loves the beach babe you made for me...we call her Miss Badonkadonk to this day!
I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day, I will cook for my mom and daughter and her family. My local granddaughters have been here helping me (somewhat). Some years I really enjoy a quiet Mothers Day, and some years I enjoy a houseful. Have a great week! Sue.

Sheila said...

I worked my way through all of Diane Chamberlain's books last year and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Createology said...

Fabulous mug rug and it is very rude that your recipient has not thanked you for it. I always enjoy your envelope art. I would enjoy a good laugh so I should read that Fannie Flagg book. Happy Mother's Day all year...

KaHolly said...

This mug rug really caught my eye. It's beautiful!! Your envelopes are always so delightful. Thanks for the heads up on some good reads. Always on the lookout!