Saturday, January 31, 2015

There's lots today, but I'll be quick about it!

Like I said, there are lots of things to show you today, but I'll be quick about it.  First of all, let me introduce two new ladies:  # 74 (Randi from Canada) and #76 (Barbara from the US) - (#75 is still a mystery to be revealed next week).  

Randi wasn't sure if she wanted a ribbon in her hair, or a tape measure, so I surprised her.  Note that her "real" photo doesn't have glasses, but she sent me another one that did, so that's how come I knew the frames were reddish.

Next, we have Barbara from the US.  Barbara is a professional adult tea party coordinator who loves her craft!!  She wanted herself with all the proper attire for a great tea party.  Check out that cool feather in her hair with ribbon and button.  Can't have a better fascinator than that, I'd say!  lol

Next, let me show you the quilts I made for the Mini QT swap for my partner.  The theme was black and white plus one other color which my partner decided.  Only one quilt is required, but I got carried away.  The first one I named, "Girly DNA" and was 10x14 inches.  Note how I free motioned my name on the bottom:

And then I also made her this one which I called, "Flowers".  Duh!  lol  That one was 9x12 inches.  She told me her sewing studio had pink walls which is why she decided on that color.

I'm expected her package maybe even today, so next week I will show you what she sent to me.

Then, naturally we have the envelopes I sent my girlies this week:

And I finished off the month reading a bunch of fun mysteries plus one fun contemporary:

THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS                  by              Menna VanPraag
DEADLY LIES (debut) - really good                by              Chris Patchell
MURDER ONE                                             by               Robert Dugoni
CANE & ABE                                               by               James Grippano

So, there you have it….short and sweet!!  Now to plan my next mini quilt for the theme:  Folk Art.  I already think I know what I'm going to do.  Stay tuned!!


Ellyn said...

welcome to the club, new ladies! you look fabulous! Love the minis too Carol!

Mary said...

New Ladies= LOVE! Love the Polka dot hair bow and the "pinky" finger up! You have ingenious names for your MINI's, "Girly DNA", LOL- pun intended.

Annie said...

Randi and Barbara look Devine! Welcome ladies. The mini quilts are quite fun. Especially the girly DNA. They should look great in her studio. All new fun mail art too.

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Karen said...

Oh, Carol! What fun it was to look at your latest creations! I love the tea cup lady. Adorable!

Noela said...

Love your new ladies, Carol. Hugs.....

kiwikid said...

Your two new ladies are the teapot earring!! Your mini quilts are lovely...and envelopes gorgeous!!!

Createology said...

Ladies are looking sew fun and sweet. How divine to see their real photos and then their quilt images. Your work is truly extraordinary. Love the black and white with pop of pink. Super fun envelopes once again this week. I truly do not know when you sleep...maybe while you read your books? LOL Creative Bliss Dear...

Susan said...

The ladies are gorgeous - esp the tea party lady-and love how you have incorporated the stamps nt eh drawings now...