Friday, August 21, 2015

Some decisions made…..

Well, I'm happy to tell you that the carpet choices are made and everything is set to go once I talk to my salesman.  The measurer guy was here this morning and I'm anxious to hear the outcome, although I kind of know the total sq. footage for both areas.  We decided to not only do the living center, stairs and upstairs loft area, but also the master bedroom and closet.  (Pity me when we have to move all the stuff and put it all back together after the job is done.  Whew…I'm sweating already just thinking about it!!)  Sonny boy and his friend will remove the old carpeting and padding, and then, who knows?  Where all the furniture will be while this is all going on, I have no idea!!!  Maybe, if it's nice, we might put it in the garage.

I, naturally, sent out envelopes to my girls this week.  I must admit that I am running out of books and envelopes, so soon, I'll either have to draw some more envelopes for the ones I have and color them, or give up this practice altogether.  I have been doing this for Audrey well over 2 years already and now it's getting to where her books are getting too fat to send through the mail.  Although Audrey is only going into 2nd grade, she is reading at almost the 5th grade level.  Arwen is a good reader too, but not to the point to where her books are too fat yet.  She is a year behind Audrey though.   

I am still knitting away, and finished another crazy pair of socks.  Note that I reversed the main color in each to the opposite so they are a mis-matched pair, but still go together.

No reading this week, in fact, I think I should take my library books back because I have gotten no further than page 40 on the one I started two weeks ago.  Bummer to me!!

Hope you all are enjoying the little bit of summer we have left.  So far the weather here is better than it was in June, so we're hoping it holds out a little longer.  I have our family "pool party" scheduled here for Sept 6th and that day can quite literally mean anything in Wisconsin….there have been years it's been 90 and some in the 50's so time will tell.  I'm not getting anxious yet……another week and then I'll decide if it will come to pass this year or not.  With so many of my family on vacations this summer, the party was postponed.  Usually we have it in July.

Until next week…..enjoy yourself!!


Needled Mom said...

I do not envy you with the work involved in replacing carpet, but you will love it when it is finished.

Your envelopes are so cute and those socks look fantastic.

I'm hoping summer lasts a bit longer too.

Createology said...

Having just gone through the entire new carpet "ordeal", I can only say...hire furniture movers! I am still trying to put my rooms back to working order. Always love your adorable artsy envelopes. Good Luck Dear...

Unknown said...

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