Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's been awhile........

How is everybody?  Did you get the "crud" yet that's going around?  Where you cough your brains out and can't stop?  (Hand goes up here, folks!!)  Well, I hope you don't get it.  It's bad.....ask me how I know.  I'm recovering....finally....after almost two whole weeks and a prescription of antibiotic!  Needless to say, I haven't been doing much...except knitting.  Thank God for that!  It took my mind off of how miserable I was!

I did send out some envelopes since visiting with you last time:

And, like I said, I did do some knitting.  Those hot pink ones are mine!  They match a t-shirt that I have and I'm really excited to wear them.......(just as soon as I show my sister).  She is a knitter too and has been knitting socks a ton longer than me.

Then, I made another two, nice, warm, worsted pair for gifts:

Next, I have to start/finish a sock that matches one I made several weeks ago......and after that, I will start on my Christmas cookie baking.  I'm telling you, never a dull moment around here.  Are you feeling the pressure already too?  Eikes!


beachiesews said...

Well hello Dear Carol...I wondered where you were and was hoping that you were not sorry about that! So far...all is well here on that front.
I love your socks...I was so determined to make some this summer...and I still have not done so. But...I am a hat maker now and have some grands that live in Kentucky, so I am making them hats and will make their mom some arm warmers...sort of like socks without the heel!!! I am also a shawlette and cowl maker, so I guess I am doing okay! I also love to knit. This summer I was afflicted (and I mean that...afflicted) with some really bad back issues...and knitting really helped take my mind of all that. All is well again (I am so grateful!!!) and like you...I am so happy to be a knitter!

Now on to the holidays...I am not making gifts. But, the fun and hoopla of the holidays. Enjoy your week and I hope you continue to get better!!! Cheers...Sue.

thiet ke nha dep said...
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