Saturday, September 18, 2010

No, I'm not Dead

Actually, I do feel like it sometimes though, I have to admit. I've been busy, but again......sigh......I cannot show you what I've been up to yet. It's these crazy swaps where you know your partner. Now, I really don't think my partner for the STUD group reads my blog, but you just never know. We were instructed to do a "fussy" cut quilt and I really did have fun with that. I'll probably be able to show you early next week when she gets it. Until then, I MUST show you something near and dear to my heart. One of the swap mamas in DQS made all of the rest of us mamas wonderful gifts. She is an amazing quilter and is known for her quilted chairs. Only special people are blessed with them and I am so honored to be one of them!!!!! If you visit her stream, you will see how each one was specifically designed for the receiver. Amazing!!! I can't wait to show you:

Chair from Lucinda

And check out the detail:


Note the favorite reds, and whites? And she put a colonial/french knot on each of the dots on the seat of the chair and swirl quilted it too because she knows I love swirl quilting. Isn't it just the best???? I love it!!! And I'm so happy I can show it to you.

I also received another little goodie the other day and I don't think I've shown you this either. A cute little pin cushion turtle from swap partner in the pincushion pass. E-gads, it's a wonder I can keep all these straight!

Received from "Sewwhimsy"

I just had to take a pic in it's natural environment. LOL My dog wondered what the heck I was doing and was sure that I was playing with a toy for her! Crazy! Anyway, that's the news of the day. Today, I'm working on a Christmas tree skirt for another swap. Can you believe? I even had to get out my pattern to refresh my memory since it's been so long since I've made one. Duh!!! Have a great weekend!!!! Sew something fun!


myBearpaw said...

I love the chair quilt! That Swap Mama is so sweet, we swapped some fabrics once and she sent me so much lovely stuff! And she's so talented!

Poppyprint said...

**sigh** Lucinda chair quilt.....
You scored a sweet pin cushion, too! I love that Hunky Dory turtle with her sweet woolen flower and ladybug catching a ride through the garden. Adorable!