Saturday, September 4, 2010

Where should I start?

I have so much to say today....(actually, my friends would tell you that I have a lot to say everyday, but we won't go there. LOL Sometime I might tell you why I almost got kicked out of my LQS this week because I was so "lippy".) Anyway, I'm happy to report that I got my doll quilt from my partner the other day. Surprisingly enough, I had her name and she had mine. Who would guess? (Easy job for the swap mama though, don't you think???) She also sent me tons of goodies and I felt like it was Christmas here. If you recall, I sent her this and she sent me this beauty:

DQS9 Received from GoingSewCrazy

So that one is finally winding down after almost 3 months and I'm glad. I'm kind of "doll quilted out". Before I stopped though, I was asked to make an angel quilt for a wonderful quilter for a group where I'm a member but had never participated. At first I was a bit miffed, but I really wanted to make another crayon quilt anyway after that one time and since the theme was landscapes and the requester asked me to make something whimsical, I thought it might be fun to combine the two so this is what I came up with:

"Somewhere under the Rainbow"


I called it, "Somewhere Under the Rainbow"......she is a Wizard of Oz nut so it was a bit of play on words. (I'm so clever, don't cha know?)

Anyhow, that's not all. I'm in that new goofy mug rug swap you know and I thought I really should get myself a mug so if someone wants to make me something matchy-matchy (which I really like, as you all know), they could. I love it:

My New Mug

Now, if I EVER do decide to get off the Diet Pepsi bandwagon and drink something more age appropriate, I'll have a pretty mug that goes with sooooo many holidays. Cool, huh? Besides, I love polka dots!!!

So, that's the news. I've made a few other things, but you'll have to wait for those. In the meantime, I'll post the Monster Cookie recipe. I know many of you wanted it. Enjoy!

Monster Cookies


Annieofbluegables said...

Oh my Goodness your stuff is beautiful. I just feel like I have entered into a magical, whimsical world when I read your blog. Your creations are so darling. I am so glad I own one of your wonderful creations.

Ursula said...

I agree with Annie. It's like a magical world when I enter your blog. I can't wait to see you create next.

Thanks for the cookie recipe. Cookies are my weakness.

Poppyprint said...

Cute quilts, nice mug, yummy cookies. Ya,ya,ya. I want to know what you said in the quilt shop!!!

Jo said...

I love coming into your world, is just so 'fairy tale', and a great break from the real world. I just can't find that cookie recipe.