Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you in the mood yet?

Personally, I wish I could hibernate from now until about January 10th.  Well, maybe make that until spring as long as we're at it!  With no food, and all that sleep, just think how thin and productive I would be the rest of the year?  And, on top of that, I'd get out of all the holiday hassle.  It's amazing to me how my hubby can dictate orders and make suggestions while in the middle of a 847 page novel he started just days ago while I have Christmas shopped, cleaned the house, put up the tree, made one Thanksgiving pie already and froze it (with two to go), and finished 12 different kinds of Christmas cookies (mostly double and triple batches) and all he did is sample them and put the containers in our basement deep freeze.   And then, he asks why I don't have any Christmas spirit???  Hello, I've been tryin'!  Believe me!  

I thought it would be fun though to show you some fun pictures I've swiped from various places to try to help myself:

Are you there yet?  No, you say?  See, what did I tell you?  Me either, although some of that stuff sure does look those chocolate covered pretzel rods?  Ummmmmm!!!  And I love the floating candle in the mason jar.  Too bad I don't have wide mouth mason jars!  I'm sure not buying a dozen for just one!  I do like these though:

Can't you just imagine all the stares I would get at my age wearing something like that?  If I could find a pair of those I'd buy them "just like that"......just for the fun!  'Course I'd have to get me some Converse tennies to go with um......I don't think they'd look too cool with my loafers.  LOL


deb said...

I'd wear 'em, too! Let us know if you find out how to get them, please!!

Annie said...

Yes! I am in the mood! Have listened to Christmas music, have done some Christmas shopping and some Christmas sewing and I've also wrapped a couple of gifts! I love that jar candle too. And those pretzels are so pretty!

Unknown said...

LOL... cute blog....

I'm just trying to get through Thanksgiving... then I will think about Christmas. I have to admit though, Christmas is a favorite for me. :)

Annieofbluegables said...

I've heard of several who have put up their Christmas decorations already. I was really tempted. What is causing that? Is it the stores playing Christmas stuff already? I'm not ready, but I LOVE Christmas. Singing in two concerts (alto solo in Messiah) I LOVE Christmas.
Here's some happy Christmas thoughts sent your way. Sweet Sweet Friend.

Sheila said...

We all start too early, mainly cos we women do it ALL.Hard not to get caught up in the excitement tho.

Rettabug said...

Those tights are SEW YOU, Carol! LOL

I made a similar cranberry floating candle like the one you show from Better Homes & Garden's site:


Mine isn't quite as cute, though, as I used a flower vase. No wide mouth jars here, either. :-(

Happy T'day!

darcey said...

Good Morning....Wish I was your neighbor. I'd be right over with canning jars for you. I've got lots. I am with you re the husband. Oh. My. Goodness. You nailed it. I am struggling getting started, too. However, the little button ball ornament is calling to me. Maybe this evening???? May I wish you a Merry Christmas this day?

Debbie said...

Great post, Carol. I'm so not feeling it and I've been listening to Christmas music for a week on the XM in my car. It isn't working yet!

I usually decorate over the upcoming weekend and I probably will, but I'm dreading hauling everything out.

I do like the Guinness bottles (cuz they are reindeers - I don't drink beer) and at 55 I might look really weird but I'd wear those tights!!!!

Dianne said...

My recipe for a stress free Christmas? "Do" less, celebrate more, participate only in what truly makes me feel filled with spirit, enjoy spending time with the people I love.
I was a human doing when it came to Christmas until my Mom died. It was then I realized that it wasn't what she did at Christmas that was memorable it was the time we spent together watching Scrooge, singing carols and cooking a meal. I figured it would be the same for my kids. I "Do" less but we have a lot more fun and I enjoy the process a whole lot more.
Re the tights.... I say go for it!

Snoodles said...

I'm in the mood! And laughing at the bottle cute!