Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to normal.....

Well, I knew it couldn't last!  (Although I was wishing!)  Temps this morning are 37 degrees.  Yes, that is after our string of high 70s and 80s for the last two weeks.  In actuality though, it's probably a good thing because yesterday I got out the sewing machine again after a 6 day break.  Hey......I was almost ready to take a holiday and pack away the fabric forever! I had some ideas of things to make, but NO (like ZERO) ambition!!  All I was doing was playing and reading blogs on the computer. (And looking for puppies!!!  lol)  BUT.............I am back in business!!  We'll see for how long!

I MUST show you something wonderful.  Do you remember the FLiQ swap and when I made this for my partner:

"Love, live, dream" - in color.  FLIQS - done

Well, I received the one from my partner and it was the BEST quilt in the whole swap!!  I adored it from the first picture of it and watched it progress in the beauty it became........in fact, I think the whole group wanted this one:

FliQS - from Lemontreetales

The design and quilting are amazing!  The colors are so vivid and bright and I just adore this beauty!!  What a talented artist Tami (lemontreetales) is!  I loved her quilts from DQS in the past and hoped that some day I would be lucky enough to get her as a partner.  Just look at this gorgeous label too:

The awesome label

I'd be embarrassed to show her the goofy writing I do with one of those Micron pens as a label on the back of the stuff I do.  Eikes!  Good thing I didn't have to send to her, huh?

Thank you so much, Tami!!  I am delighted and jumping for joy with your creation!!  I will always cherish it and soon it will be on my wall along with my other favorites!

So...........that's it for today, my friends!  I am working, but slowly.  Just as soon as groups are established for the Bitty Block Committees April swap, I can show you mine.  Until then, I will continue since I signed up for another 12 of those cute 3.5 inch blocks yesterday.  Call me crazy!  BUT, maybe that's what it took to get the machine out again, who knows???


Annie said...

Both quilts really are fabulous little quilts! That's a pretty good use of solids. I like it quite a lot. So does this mean your "mojo" is back? Is that what mojo is, ambition to sew? I asked someone else what mojo is but she couldn't explain it. So, another round of bittys eh?

Cindy Sharp said...

Lol. Mojo is the name of her next puppy!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Adorable little quilts...love all the colors in both!TFS
~Terry~ :o)

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Wow, you've been able to take a much better picture of the quilt than I did. I'm glad you liked the label. I too have done the micron pen writing as well but thought that I needed something a bit fancier for this one. After all you're the angel queen in these swaps .. I had to make something that would be worthy.

I love all of your Bitty Blocks that you've been making! What a fun group that seems to be.

Patty G. said...

Please don't buy a puppy from the internet. They are from puppy mills. Please, please, please read!