Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh, what to do???

Last year, when hubby and I brought Toby home, we fully intended to "someday" get him a playmate.  We used to have multiple dogs in our household until our last Bichon Frise, Emmy, who hated other dogs and would attempt to climb on our heads when any got close.  Now, with the nice weather coming and Toby being completely housebroken and close to a year old, we decided to start our quest for another Havanese.  I got on the web, and began with the National Havanese Club and our local kennel clubs looking for breeders in our area.  I know better than to use "nextdaypets" and "petfinder".  Often, those can be outlets for puppymills and we all have heard those horror stories!!!!

Surprisingly enough, I found a breeder only 20 minutes away with a litter of 5 that were 6 weeks old.  One boy and possibly one girl were still available, so hubby and I jumped in the car and took a look.

Here is the boy, so tiny at......1# 12oz at 6 weeks old: 

And, here is the adorable girl.....approx 2# 8oz:

Everytime I picked up the boy, he would tremble like crazy.  (Problem is that we really want another boy.)  Then too, I wasn't crazy about his all black face.  (Probably because I've had white dogs all my life.)  Too bad!

Then, upon further searching, I found a darling puppy about 2 hours away and he is the only boy out of a litter of 4.  Here he is at 3 weeks old:

Doesn't he just melt your heart?  I have yet to see him.  I can't blame the breeder by waiting until the puppies have their first shot at 6 weeks before accepting strangers in their home to see the litter in person.

BUT, now with the return of our cold, windy, winter weather, we are wondering if we are crazy?  Do we really want to do this?  I mean, we're over the dreaded puppy stage, Toby is all housebroken and has gotten used to our schedule and lifestyle, so should we "rock the boat"?  We're not spring chickens, and these dogs could outlive us.  AND, if one of us goes, it sure would be easier to find an apartment or somewhere to live with only one dog rather than 2.  Oh my, what to do?

Until we decide, Toby will continue to spend his days doing his favorite things.......looking outside:

and relaxing, awaiting his favorite treat....................C H E E S E!!!

My "boy"!!


darcey said...

Ooooh, I'm glad I wasn't with you when you were looking at the gorgeous babies....I wouldn't have left without one!
I sympathize with your second thoughts. We are on our last pet, too, and have been thinking of a new one. Completely on the fence about it, too.
Good luck! Keep us posted.

Nancy Bowron said...

I hear you! You have outlined the pro's and con's so well! We have an "only dog" and often get excited over the prospect of adding a playmate. At least for today, I am content to enjoy "only" and spend my extra time creating, not house training : ) Looking forward to your decision!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Carol! Puppies are always so adorable and yours is the most sweet! It's good that you think carefully because they give us also lot of work. I have 3 dogs. The oldest is now 16 and when she was 8 we took Nero, the big shephard. After few years someone throw a tiny puppy to our garden (?!). We didn't think at all to keep it, but they were so good together with Nero, that finally we kept Hanna. Nero needed to have a playmate and a friend, because small Foxy is just too small for him. Nero and Hanna are the best friends and always together (never alone), but yes, they do give me also a lot of work and cleaning.
If you decide to take the second dog, you will have so much fun with two dogs, as you know!
Sunny wishes! x Teje & Nero

Annie said...
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Annie said...


Terry@ a quilting blog said...

This is a tough decision Carol! You seem to be thinking through all the pros and cons really well...only other question is, how will Toby feel with a new member of the family?
Good luck with your decision :o)

Margaret said...

Doesn't it seem as if in your heart you already know what you want? We can always think of the negatives, but if we dwelt on them, we would never take any chances and never try anything new.

Sara said...

That second one is my favorite:) That is a tough one though having two doggies.

ShirleyC said...

They are all adorable!
We lost our pom of 16 years in Oct. 2010. In Feb. of 2011, we got a year old Yorkie from a family we knew, and the owner had died. Then a month later, we got another Yorkie, but she was just a puppy.
It was a lot of work trying to get them potty trained, and really didn't have much luck. We'd never owned 2 dogs at one time before.
The little one had to be put to sleep in the summer from complications after having her spaded.
As soon as she was gone, the older one, Maggie, started using the puppy pads, and never had an accident or either she goes outside. So weird!
The point is that we decided we just couldn't handle the cost of 2 dogs, and they are a lot more work.
I'm sure you will figure out what is best for you. Puppies are definitely fun!

Quilt Kitty said...

Logic smogic - follow your heart & get the little boy. The love you get in return will far outweigh the trials of toilet training. It will be a win all around. Tracee xx

Elaine said...

Ha ha-- kind of sounded like our debate about having #2 though we always knew we wanted at least 2. Go for it-- the girl is very sweet too- If you do maybe our #2s will share the same name!

Dianne said...

No idea how you resisted that sweet little girl. too adorable and I am sure Toby would love her to bits!!

beachiesews said...

Are you allowed to take Toby to meet the new puppies? The little one that trembles might make me nervous that he is too nervous. They sure are cute...better be careful or you will come home with 2 or 3 new "sibs" for Toby!

Sharon B said...

I have a Toby too, but he is a cat (who thinks he is a dog) and little mini long hair doxy who's fav snack is . . . CHEESE!

Bonnie B said...

My daughter has one that looks exactly like the first one, the 'black face' pup. Her little Gemma has an aura of mystery behind that sweet little dark face... the second one is precious too. Where is the furriness in the third one? maybe it's just too young yet. They are so precious! Go for it if it makes you and Toby happy!

Anonymous said...

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Ally said...

Hi there
Gorgeous puppy ... Love your blog!