Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sometimes, I wonder if I'll get my sewing ambition back.  Lately, it seems to have flown out the window!  I've noticed though that Flickr is somewhat barren so perhaps lots of other sewers are feeling the same way as me.  In view of this, I figured I might as well get my sewing obligations out of the way while I'm waiting for my creativity to return.  I promised lots of things so here they are:

First, I told a friend that I'd make two house blocks for her.  She will incorporate them into a big quilt.  Each ended up at 12 1/2 inches square:

Big House Block

Big House Block

Then, I promised another friend that I'd do the same for her, except she wanted improv blocks in neutral colors with only splashes of specific colors thrown in:

Playing with neutrals

a href="" title="Playing with neutrals by mamacjt, on Flickr">Playing with neutrals

I had so much fun with those, I'm thinking of making my "mother-to-be niece" a baby floor quilt using that method.  She's having a boy in July and lives in Florida.

Then, I received my mug rug from "scrapnchick" (Jeanette) and love it!  She really nailed my likes in this one.  Isn't it pretty?

Mug Rug from scrapnchick (Jeanette)

And finally, I have been super busy with my bitty blocks (which I will show you next time.)  Here is a peek though of all the fun I'm having:

Working on Bitty Blocks

Oh.....AND.......if you're wondering what I'm (we're) going to do about a puppy......who knows?  My mojo has left about that situation too for now.....(which is a good thing, I'm thinking).  In fact, I think I'm going to tell that breeder with the little black and white boy that now is not a good time.  I figure when the right time comes along, I'll know it......AND.....if not, that's okay too!  Life's too short to worry about stuff like that!

Enjoy your holiday, my friends!  I'll be back next week!


Mary said...

I think a lot of people are feeling the same way. Weird!. You look like you are keeping busy. The blocks you have made of wonderful. Ilove reading your blog and seeing all of your wonderful quilts.

Cindy Sharp said...

It is always good to do what you need to do while you wait for what you want to do to come along.

Hope your days get brighter with the coming of spring.

Annie said...

The house blocks are really fun, Carol. They'll work into a cheerful quilt I'm sure. The improv blocks are awesome. I love how neutrals can surprise us with their beauty and unsuspecting impact. Perfect mug rug for you... rainbow, dots, white... I saw your flickr sneak peaks, yours bittys are crazy cute!

Mary said...

I have Obligatory sewing to do and it does put a cramp in my creativity. I still have been stitching, but the "have to be made" stuff took me an extra week to get done cause I was procrastinating... Hope you get your MOJO back soon.

Jean(ie) said...

Hugs. As a fellow dry-speller, I told another friend going through the same creative gap to keep plugging forward. Soon the mind will follow.

Try something else as a change, reorganize your stash/sewing area, take classes and learn a new technique, use the time creatively and put it to your advantage...

I asked my blog readers to feed me some keywords as a creative prompt. So far I've completed a project for "royalty" (and made a tiara). I have several projects remaining.

Dry spells end... Hope yours ends soon. Hugs.

Sparky said...

To your mojo finding you and to a spirited holiday....adore your creations

Ally said...

Hi there
Love the house blocks !!!

Susan said...

The house blocks are great - I think that idea about doing something different - but related - is great - or maybe try a quilt show if there is one around - I always come home wishing for more sewing time so I can create some of the things I've seen - with my own adapatations. Glad you answered the question I was going to ask about the puppy. Enjoy the break - Mr Mojo will come back I am sure.

Sewing Sue said...

Sometimes the fevered brain deserves a rest! Creativity cannot flow non-stop or we'd all be crazy. (Crazier??) I'm juggling the same feelings, obligations and roadblocks. Do what you can, and rest assured that the mojo will return!

Lesley said...

Your blocks are so special and your friends are very fortunate. Enjoy Easter and enjoy your rest!

Larissa said...

If you hadn't let it be known your creativity has flown the coop, I wouldn't have even considered it a possibility!!! These blocks are great!!! I especially love the first house, and second free block!! ... Also, that mug rug is so darn cute!!!
Have a great weekend, and enjoy your Easter break!!!

Shayla Sharp said...

Sometimes when I get stuck I sew things I know I need to get done, sometimes I just go to the store and pet all the minky fabric, and sometimes I just start cutting fabric (usually into squares because I know I can always use them later). Anyway, the creativity always comes back--yours really hasn't left, its just taking a breather.

Dianne said...

Love your houses and the neutral blocks and the mug rug is so you!