Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm taking a break.....

Other than making a duplicate Charley Harper quilt for a commission, I haven't been sewing a stitch.  I did draw something up which has to be fine tuned yet (see below) and I am anxious to start it, but until the holiday is over I think I will be taking a break.  I have company coming both Sunday and Monday for supper and it's time for Toby to be groomed again, so I just can't seem to squeeze everything in lately.  Thankfully, I did clean my house yesterday (finally) and went to a movie with my hubby this afternoon which we haven't done in an age.

Crazy drawing yet to be fine tuned:

How my Ideas Start

I told you it needed work!!!  

There is something though that I found recently that you might enjoy.  I have been having such laughs looking at it.  Below is one of the pictures.  It is a dog shaming blog.  See below:

One picture is funnier than the next.  Go see for yourself:

Enjoy and I'll be back next week!


Mary said...

Have a fun Labor Day Weekend. I have 3 of my 6 children coming with 11 of my 17 Grandchildren. We will go to the Park to picnic. That way they don't see my Sewing Mess... LOL I like where the drawing is headed. I think I can visualize a bit of what it might look like even. Poor Doggy!

Beezus said...

So funny, that dog! Except . . . our dog managed to find some green food coloring in our house, RIGHT after we'd got a contract on it. Let me just say, Stainmaster carpet + Oxyclean = a VERY GOOD combination. Paulie had a green paw when we went to bed, but because she had that stuff all over her, I wouldn't let her back onto the carpet and had to tie her leash (with a long lead, of course) to the back doorknob. When I got up the next morning, her paw was as white as snow! Well, except her nails. They stayed green for a long time. I seriously thought I was going to kill that dog! I'll have to show her this picture so she can see how kind I was not to shame her that way. lol

Shocking Hocking said...

rotfl - nearly crying - very funny your drawing - i have to create some from textiles called 'urban landscape' for my diploma and i'm stuck - you've defo given me an idea or two :)