Friday, December 14, 2012

The mail's been great!!!

This time of year the mail is usually fun with all the catalogs and Christmas cards and sale papers, but this past week the mail has been even better for me.  First off, I discovered that I was one of the winners of the giveaway at the Pincushion swap.  This delightful package of fun stuff arrived in the mail.  Next year, I must make one of those hats.......probably with the fabrics shown.  And it will need a bow of some sort, I'm thinking.  I'm sure I can come up with something!!!

Then, I was the recipient of this marvelous creation from my friend, Annie (freezeframe03):

Quilt wrap for cans/water bottles, etc.

Bottle wrap from Annie (freezeframe03)

It's a can/water bottle wrap (or in my case, a Diet Pepsi wrap).  I think it'll be marvelous for keeping the ice from melting.  Too cool!  That Annie is so inventive, sometimes I marvel at her creativity.  I sure wish she lived closer.......I can't imagine the fun we would have sewing together.

Next on the list of wonderfulness is the quilt I won from the Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap.  I was lucky enough to win my first pick which is amazing.  Julie made it and it is even better in person:

What I got from Julie for the Little Quilt - Sew, Vote, Swap Group

I'm usually not a red/aqua girl, but the design and stitching was just so perfect, I couldn't pass it up!  Bravo, Julie!!!

Lastly, I got my mug rug from my partner for the Pincushion Swap.  She (Celine - espritpatch) nailed me perfectly by doing something simple, yet striking with my two favorite Christmas colors of red and lime.

Mug Rug from Celine (espritpatch)

And the real plus is that it's small enough to hang on the teeny spot right next to my back door so I see it every time I let Toby outside.

So, that's it.......oh.......almost forgot!  Along with winning the prize for the pincushion swap, the sender (who is a good friend and who has a sweet girl dog named Flossie about Toby's age), sent along a Christmas gift for my "boy".  He just had to put it on to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

Arrufff.......Happy Holidays!

So, in case I'm not back before the big day (I still have a list a mile long and no obligatory sewing to finish), I hope each and every one of you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.  Find peace and joy in the little things and laugh lots!  Thank you so very much for a great year!  My life is much richer for having you in it!


Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

What fun gifts from the Blogging Elves, Carol! I love Each and Every one! And Toby looks absolutely festive in his Holiday Hat!

Thanks for always brightening my day!

Mary said...

The best part of swapping is the return mail! Nice wins. Have a great Christmas. Thanks again for making mine so great last year with the LADIES you made for me and my Quilt buddy. I love to look at them all year.

Terri said...

Ditto to you. We are all richer for your blog. Merry Christmas to you!

Susan said...

SO much gorgeousness - especially Toby - not sure that hat would last long on his head though!
Thank you for all the fun of your blog - its always high on my list to check out.
A very Merry Christmas to you too.

Annie said...

Oh good gracious those hat pinnies look funner than fun! Keep me in mind **hint hint** I have never been a pinnie person but ones you make are turning my thoughts on them for sure. You got lots of fun stuff! Toby is too funny!

Dianne said...

You bring joy to my life every time I read your blog, thank you for all of the smiles and giggles (and the oreo chocolate recipe). Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and peace and well being in the new year!

Sara said...

You're a sweetie Carol:) Merry Christmas!! Your Pecan Finger cookies are a HIT!!