Sunday, March 9, 2014

I think spring is coming…..

The temps are supposed to reach 47 degrees tomorrow.  Can you believe it?  I'll believe it when I see it!  So far we still have a foot of snow on the ground and I will be so happy to see it gone, although I don't think one day of 47 degrees will "do" it.  Now maybe if it stays above freezing, we might see spring yet!

It occurred to me within the past few days that I really needed to get going on making envelopes for my little granddaughter since she is learning to read (age 4) and Audrey's mom returned the real easy readers to me that I sent to Audrey last year so that Arwen might read them now.  I thought as long as I was at it, I might as well make duplicates for my favorite lady at the post office who also has a 4 year old granddaughter.  I forgot how long this process takes.  E-gads!  Took me one whole day just drawing and coloring 20 envelopes and I didn't even have them addressed yet.

Here are the ones I send out this past week:

And then………..drum roll please………..I sewed!  I know, don't faint!  I think I told you that I joined a pincushion swap?  Well, here is the one I sent my partner with funky pins to match:

And here is the package I received from my partner, Cinda (sewbusy64).  Nice paper piecing, don't you think???

Then, naturally, I read some books this week.  Actually, hardly any were worth reading, in my opinion, except "The Art Forger".  I started one book twice and got to page 90 both times and was so totally confused, I set it aside.  I think I'll just give it to my niece and see if she can make heads or tails out of it.

Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour bookstore           by      Robin Sloan
The Art Forger                                          by      B. A. Shapiro   (The best of the bunch, by far!!)
Golden State (the 90 pager)                      by      Michelle Richmond
Lies you wanted to Hear   (a debut)         by       James Whitfield Thomson

So, that's it……my week in a nutshell…..except it was my birthday week, so lots of happy wishes, lunches, etc.  One day I had so many phone calls, I didn't do anything but talk on the phone it seemed.  I don't think I talked so much in a month!!  Needless to say, I didn't get much else done that day.  lol

I hope you all have a wonderful week with super nice weather too!  I have to make a mini quilt sometime this week for another swap I joined.  I've only had 2 months and I'm up to the wire…..wish me luck! Until next week………..


Patty said...

I so enjoy looking at your fun envelopes.
Question...where did you get your tag that is sticking out from the side of your pincushion?
I have seen tags like this before but have no idea where people get them.

Lesley said...

Happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your envelopes are adorable and so are both of those pincushions! Sweet! Your pincushion partner knows how you love bright colours!

Judy said...

All those copics!!! So jealous. Your stuff is so fun. You really should publish your patterns. That pin cushion that you made is adorable. I love it!!!!!

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Oh! Happy Birthday to you...your envelopes look fabulous and so nice of you to give a set to the postal lady. Good luck getting your swap done on time. Oh yes, nearly the pin cushions.

Annie said...

Well, I can see that you have a supply of copics that might be to die for to some people. Scary! I'm so glad I didn't chase that rainbow! hahaha Now... all day and JUST 20 envelopes drawn and colored??!!! Most of the day today and I haven't even finished ONE mail art envelope! No wonder I can't even get one book read. LOL Looking forward to the new envelopes. Love that pinnie you made!

beachiesews said...

Hey Carol...I'm with Annie...only 20 envelopes??? Are you kidding? That is amazing! Happy Birthday and Happy Spring Is Almost Here! I bet you can't wait. Today here in AZ is absolutely beautiful...I am even happy I live here! Have a great week and happy sewing again! Sue.

Createology said...

Fabulous envelopes and your collection of Copic markers is dreamy. I adore both pincushions. Sew much fun to give and receive in a focused swap. Spring Sunshine Smiles Dear...

Ellyn said...

happy Birthday to you! love the pincushions, both sent and received! so cute.

Barb and Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I think you got lots done. It's hard to count when you are making duplicates but it's a lot of work. I have been using the copics I bought at Christmas and a drawing book I bought recently. I am loving drawing and it has been helping with some rough stuff at work. Thanks for turning me on to them.

In stitches and seams said...

20 envelops...... a good days work I think.
I just love seeing your creativity in the fun envelops you design.
in stitches

Dena said...

Happy Birthday!! I am thrilled that you got to do some sewing. I so love and admire your work.


Lea said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cards:)