Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 Missing ladies plus more

Yeah, today you get to meet the missing ladies.  They were all commissioned some time ago, but were gifts so we had to wait.  First, is Delia from the UK (actually they're all from the UK, if you can believe, but I'm not sure they all know each other.  lol)  Delia is Lady #66

A friend of Delia's asked me to do her portrait as a gift.

Then, not long after, Ailsa wrote to me from Japan and asked me if I could do both her mother and aunt who were not sewers, but knitters and visiting her from the UK.  She wanted to surprise them. I had never done a knitter before, so I sort of "winged it", but she told me they were pleased.  First, meet Ailsa's Mom, Margaret…..Lady #68:

And here is Ailsa's Aunt Pat, lady #69:

And YES, I did knit that tiny earring!

Naturally, I sent out envelopes.  The bunny was sent too late for Easter, but the thought was still there.

Of course, I read some books this week too.  Believe it or not, three were from the library (although I still have stacks of soft covers here to read.  lol)

"Silence for the Dead"                           by                      Simone St. James
"Without Warning"                                by                      David Rosenfelt
"Vintage - a Novel"    (Debut)               by                      Susan Gloss
"The Good Luck of the Right Now"     by                      Matthew Quick

The last three were the best in their own right.  "Without Warning" was a thriller, "Vintage" was a contemporary and "The Good Luck of the Right Now" was laugh out loud funny and all three are available at your local library.  They're recent releases and all hardcover books.  I love reading different stuff!!!

So, that's the news!  I did sew this week too (if you can believe????)  I joined two swaps, and had time (for some reason) to browse through my favorites on flickr one evening which gave me tons of  inspiration.  Who knows, I just might start sewing like a mad woman again?????   Have a super week, my friends!!  AND….if you have time…..jump over to freeze-frame's blog on my side-bar and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  It's Monday!  Have a happy week, Annie!!!                


Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your ladies and the knitters are adorable! Is there anything you can't do? You are AMAZING and I love your blog! You inspire me:) Thanks for sharing!

Createology said...

Each Lady is sew fun and life-like. Love your knitted versions and I just knew you knit that little earring! Fabulous work dear...

Needled Mom said...

Your ladies are just amazing. Great job.

Ellyn said...

fabulous, all of it!

KaHolly said...

Your ladies came out great! I'm sure the recipients were very pleased.

ailsa said...

Let me tell you that the knitting on those tiny needles and mini balls of wool were even more superb than the photos show! You are one very talented lady and I'm so glad I came across your site not only for the quilting but for your book recommendations (I've bought quite a few of the ones you've mentioned).

Thank you again for giving me the chance to give such a 'one of a kind' present and for the speed that you managed to get them done x

Maria said...

The missing ladies look great and you did a good job of knitting the tiny ear ring..

Lisa said...

I love the second knitter lady, to to cute! Of course I always love the envelopes!

Cindy Sharp said...

Carol, I look forward to every one of your posts. Thanks for sharing with us.

Annie said...

The new fabric ladies are all wonderful portraits! The envelopes are marvelously fun! Have you seen the new circus posters stamps? I'll be you could draw some fun mail for them.

Karen said...

I love the knitted earring.
Did you use toothpicks for the needles?