Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

May you all have a blessed and Happy Easter!  We're going to our daughter's for a brunch today so I'm a happy mama.  No cooking for me this year!  Hubby, of course, had to color eggs though.  You'd think at 68 years old he might be a little past the egg coloring stage, but NO.  Every year I'm told to pick up a kit at the grocery store and every year I hear the story how his family colored 5 dozen eggs every Easter when he was a kid.  I think he's upset that I only let him do one dozen.  Maybe I should suggest that he get involved in a "hunt".  Then, I'd let him dye eggs to his hearts content!  lol

Naturally I sent out some envelopes this week.  

And, I bought a few more books.  Check out that bottom one…….800 pages!  I think I'll give it to my son to read first.  He loves books too and if it's good, then I'll read it.  

I did read quite a few books this week again.  I'm telling you, I am getting to be quite a hermit…..all I do is grocery shop, cook and read.  What a life!  Oh…and I did go to the library a few times too.  lol

These are the ones I finished:

"The Book of Joe"                          by                           Jonathan Tropper
"A Dog's Purpose"  ******           by                            W. Bruce Cameron
"Defending Jacob"                         by                            William Landay
"Love and Treasure"                       by                           Ayelet Waldman
"The Other Story"                           by                           Tatiana De Rosnay
"The Storied Life of A J Fikry"       by                           Gabrielle Zevin

I gave up on "Love and Treasure" after 130 pages, too boring!  But absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron.  It was the best of the bunch, by far.  I sobbed at the end!  My 2nd favorite was "Defending Jacob".

So, that's it for this week.  Next week I'll be able to introduce you to the 3 missing ladies and I can't wait!  Have a good Easter, my friends!!  Until next week……………..


Annie said...

I don't think a person can ever be too old to color eggs!

Love all the new envelopes that traveled the postal system this week!

I found a new art project to work on this past week, so I didn't much reading done. I'm on page 389 now.

Annie said...

Ackk! I forgot to say Happy Easter to you and your egg coloring buddy!

Christine M said...

Happy Easter, Carol.

kiwikid said...

Happy Easter Carol! Hope you had a great weekend!
Love the coloured eggs.
And of course the envelopes, the fish are great!!
haven't been reading much but watched The Five People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom,(he wrote to book) and Tuesdays with Morrie. Left me a blubbering mess but they are great books and movies.

Mary said...

I am not a colored egg fan either. I like deviled eggs, but not bad enough to make them just for us two.
Our family all had other Easter plans. Pretty quiet here today. I'm glad the missing ladies have shown up and we will ge tto see them soon. I noted no SEWING this week happened. Must be Spring.

Dianne said...

Happy Easter! The storied life of A.J. Fickry is on my reading list and I have read the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. An odd story but I did enjoy it. He's an odd duck.
I love your envelope art to!

Createology said...

May Easter Blessing continue as I am late to your egg coloring party.

Małgosia said...

So colorfull, eggs looks great :)
Happy days after Easter!

Unknown said...

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