Saturday, August 30, 2014

A different week…..

When I look back on the week, it sure doesn't seem like I did much, but when I get right down to it, I did have fun and isn't that what it's all about?  Monday I spent time with two of my special friends and we laughed like schoolgirls while we not only went to lunch but spent some extra hours just chatting.  (So good for the soul!!)  Then, I took two days and drew and colored extra envelopes for my little ones so that I would have them handy at a moments notice to send the weekly reading books.  (The USPS loves me, doncha know?  Each book costs me approximately $2 to send and I usually send 3 out a week.)  Luckily, I have gotten smart now and bid on ebay for "lots" of series books.  I just won 28 books of the "Magic Treehouse" series for $34.  Not bad!  I'm sure my little granddaughter will love them.  I heard that they are kids favorites, so hopefully she will agree.

I sent out these envelopes this week.  The first one went to friends who went out for pizza with us last Sunday.  We've all been friends for over 45 years and every time we get together, it's like 20 years are erased from our lives.  So cool to have such good friends for so long!!

These two went to the kids:

Then, I bought a few books from Amazon.  Note that there are only 4…….('course I won't tell you how many kids books I ordered in addition.  lol)

I only read two books this week and that was a struggle.  I sure wish I would find something really good again.  I'm getting discouraged and that's not good.  I still have about 46 on my to-read list which includes LOTS (probably at least 25-30) of my own books.

EVERY DAY NEEDS A DOG                  by              Bill Tiner
THE ART WHISPERER                          by              Charlotte & Aaron Elkins

(I'll try to do better next week.)  Stay tuned………...


Jill said...

It's a blessing to have long-time friends. If you like refreshing travel books, may I suggest "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside" by Susan Branch. I feel like I have visited England.

Annie said...

The pizza maker is a jolly fun envelope and the bomber too! I'll bet your friends loved getting that envelope in their mail.

Ellyn said...

my kids loved the magic treehouse books! I know your granddaughter will too.