Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sew in the way!!!

I know that most of you have a designated sewing space and can make a mess as big as you want and hide it from everyone just by closing the door, but not me!!!  I sew in my kitchen!  So, since I sew in my kitchen, where else can I store stuff for immediate use but in the dining room, right?  This is what I'm seeing lately, and it's not a pretty sight.  I really need to get going and clean up this mess, but it seems I always have some sort of project going where I either need those fabrics, or have to dig for more in the basement which (naturally) get added to this pile.   Just lately I made the most awesome thing (which you will see in about 10 days and I'll be telling you more about that at another time, lest I spill the beans because I have such a big mouth), and because of that, I can't go onto what I originally planned to do. many secrets!!!  So this mess will have to stay this way a bit longer.  :)

So, you wanna see why I don't sew in my basement?  Could you give up this view with 15 feet of natural light coming through and skylights above?  See.....what'd I tell you???  I love it here everyday!!!  It makes me so happy to be this close to nature.  Oh.....I must also say....that I am replacing the 1980's kitchen set you see here.  Although this is the absolute most comfortable set in the whole world, I finally listened to my daughter and ordered a new set today which is keeping more like those in today's generation.  Now to wait the 4-6 weeks until I get it.

Happy sewing,


Rettabug said...

What a view, Carol!! No wonder your creative juices flow so freely when you work in that area. Your pool looks so inviting. I know you'll be sad to close it up for the winter.
Congrats on buying that new kitchen set...can't wait to see it. :)

LJ said...

Oh I like your old kitchen set! So pretty and it looks comfy too! What colour did you order for the new set? I'll be looking at new kitchen sets in a year. My chairs are starting to fall apart.
I'm very excited to hear all these secrets you have! I don't feel so bad now knowing you have messes too!! I thought you were a domestic goddess.

henny said...

Hi Carol,
I can't stand for not writing a comment on this post :)
Almost similar with me, I don't have special room for sewing. Just do my hobby in my bed room on my dressing table. haha...Your post make me want to take a pic of my small space of sewing area after this. Thanks for sharing and made me smile :D

Amanda Jean said...

what a beautiful space to sew!!! i don't blame you for not sewing in the basement. not one bit!