Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm feeling like a poop lately! I really don't know if I'm all pooped out from the pressure of the doll swap and making so many quilts, or if it's because I feel as though I have lost my creativity. I just can't (for the life of me) come up with anything unique and clever. (I do have a reputation to uphold, you know???) E-gads! I hope I haven't "lost" it! I mean, there is the mug rug swap and the scrappy pincushion swap going on (I hope I didn't mix up those links.....e-gads! Now that I finally figured out how to link, I think I'm a hot shot, you know?) that I am in and I am expected to perform!!!!! BUT, I sit here and think instead! Last night in the middle of the night I think I might have the answer for the mug rug swap.....unfortunately, I won't be able to show you until she gets it, or it'll ruin the surprise. (If I can even do it. Time will tell!) And as far as the pincushion thing.......I still have about 7 left over from last time, so if I get desperate, I'll just use one of those.

In the meantime though.......never fear. I do have two new mug rugs to show you:

Forever Summer Mug Rug

Did you check out that crazy quilting? Hey, a little swirl here and there and it might even look like I know what I'm doing...LOL........and then this one:

After 5 Mug Rug

Did you note that crazy background fabric? I was hoping to interest the Explore people, but no such luck!!! Phooey! No matter......I like it much better as a wall hanging anyway, don't you?

Wall Art


Millie said...

That black and white and colors one is a knockout! Outstanding!

Michele said...

I just want to be you on one of your bad days. Chin, up. Get back in there and create. We're counting on you.

Dolly said...

I like it,.........PERIOD !

And don'tmake fun of the 'daisy' quilting.........I think it's really clever (see there, haven't lost a thing)!

Shayla Sharp said...

I just love your use of lines and colors with these. I seriously doubt you've lost your creativity--knowing you, you're probably just in the process of powering back up and will be off and running again. Maybe what you need is a fabric shopping trip to revive you!

Anja said...

Your "rugs" are so beautiful and so creative and you´ve been extremely creative over the last few months! The less you expect it, the more some new ideas will come. Just relax, sit back and have a nice cup of coffee and a cookie (of course on a wonderful rug)and adore the new back and white wallhanging (which I really love!).

Olga said...

Very pretty rugs! I absolutely love the 1st one!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

You may feel that you've lost your creativity, but you've inspired mine with those mug rugs - they are my favourites of all the ones I've seen in blogland:-)


Ursula said...

You have wowed me again. Those are gorgeous.

Jo said...

I love your mug rugs, and can believe you are in melt down, you don't seem to have stopped for months. Give yourself a break..... just not for too long.