Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween saga Part #3

If you recall, the last time we were with Walter, he had just changed out of the Elvis costume at the costume shop and was heading home once again.

Costume guy #11

Days went by and the party was getting closer and closer.  Now, every time Walter looked for costumes, he noticed less and less to choose from.  Even the bunny and fish ones were gone already.  Barbara was sick of the drama and told Walter that he had to pick first.......but it had to be without anymore foolishness.  She was sick of their neighbors and the police watching their every move.
Walter was crazy....why did he have to be so impossible?  If he and Barbara had shopped together, this whole mess would probably be over already.  After all, he surmised, it's just one party.  Who cares how you look for just a few hours?  There had to be a plan.............

Costume guy #12

The next day as Barbara was shucking corn, getting ready to make her award winning corn bread to take along to the costume party, Walter floated into the kitchen in his best duds, holding a flower in his teeth dancing to "Love me Tender".  Barbara immediately ran over to him and smelled his breath. beer....just mouthwash and aftershave.  Now she really was worried!  It had been years since they made "Humpty Dumpty" in the middle of the day and Lord knows she wasn't ready to start again!!!  That's when Walter let it all he was wrong, and how he knew they both needed to shop together and soon so they'd get the perfect costumes.  Barbara was so happy that Walter would never be "lonesome tonight".  Tomorrow would start the perfect search!

Costume guy #13

The first thing the next morning, Barbara and Walter rushed to get ready.  They were so excite to shop. Sadly though, by the time they got to "Halloween R Us" costume shop and checked out the couple costumes, all that was left was the American Gothics.  Barbara was so disappointed.  Walter too!  They couldn't imagine wearing those in a million years.  What to do, they thought?  Do we go back to homemade?  What would the neighbors think?  The cops would probably be there even before they had a foot out the door......oh my!!!!
But then, just at the worst moment of despair, Barbara remembered something....but where, she thought, did I put that stuff?  Oh she could hardly wait.  She tore off her wig and dull apron in no time flat and told Walter to get a move on because she had an idea and knew it'd be perfect.  She couldn't wait to get back home to see if she remembered correctly.

Costume guy #14

You betcha!  It was just as she left it so many years ago, in a box at the bottom of the basement steps.  Oh my how she remembered the last time they wore that stuff.  It was June of 1989 at the West Bend Rotary Club.  The day she and Walter won the line dancing contest.  Wow!  She couldn't wait to show Walter!  What fun would this be?
And sure enough, everything fit just perfectly.  What joy!  They knew they'd be the hit of the party especially when they strutted their stuff.  Just to make sure though, they grabbed the music, Cd player, and got to practicing.

So there you have it.....part 3 of the little Halloween saga of Walter and Barbara.  There are 3 envelopes left........and they're all in transit to Annie as I type.  (Hopefully, not to get lost like poor old envelope #8 which still has not shown up at her house.)  Until next time then......!!!  I hope you're enjoying the story!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just scare my kitties from their naps - I just laugh so hard at these, but the American Gothic just got me into a real fit of hearty gahuffs as I did not expect that next!!

Annie said... #13...that's what you call American Gothic? I did not know that, so I did not get that one. I thought that was the regular Barbara and Walter. Duh! Well, now that I'm back on track.........................

Mary said...

LOL, My Dh and My Go to Costume is our Raggedy Ann and Andy that we wore in the late 70's. We have capes too that can be worn over sweats in a pinch. Your imagination is much more amazing than mine.

Ellyn said...

you need to write children's books. seriously! too funny

Mary said...

ROFLOL...and they lived happily ever wait, you said there's more to come!

suz said...

this was too funny - Annie is going to get a kick out of these!

kiwikid said...

Love Barbara and Walter!

Createology said...

How have I missed so many of your posts? Thankfully I am here to continue the costume saga. Line dancing is lots of fun. I'm off to read on...