Saturday, October 26, 2013

The rest of the story OR...Halloween saga part #4

I know you'll all been waiting with baited breath to discover what happens with Walter and Barbara and the crazy Halloween party so let's continue, shall we?  For those of you who are are links to Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 so you can catch up and discover why this goofy story happened in the first place.  For those of you following the story, you'll recall that we left Walter and Barbara in their old line dancing clothes practicing their moves.


Costume guy #15

Barbara was in heaven!  She and Walter had such a good time at the party that she just HAD to call all her friends to talk about it.  She told them how her corn bread was the hit "side" and how everybody wanted the recipe and how she and Walter danced the night away and how Walter didn't even have a drop to drink all night and how proud and happy she was!
Poor woman was on the phone for hours!  Through the grapevine, even the local police knew they'd have no further trouble with those two.  Who knew a costume party would be such a life altering event?  Surely not Barbara an Walter!  They were happier now than they'd been in years.......except........there was still the problem of the elusive yellow beaked cackleberry!  Hummmm......

Costume guy #16

What's this?  Golly gee, if it's not Walter!  Who'd have thought?  Seems that the agent for the lead singer of "The Grateful to be Alive Band" was in the next dressing room the day Walter did his Elvis impressions and was blown away by Walter's talents.  As soon as Walter left that day, he knew he'd found his next band member.....if he could find him.  By this time, the store owner didn't even pay attention to Walter anymore, and hadn't a clue to his identity.
Only by good fortune did the bail bondsman tell his cousin Charlie and Charlie tell his neighbor, the talent agent, about the fiasco the next town over a few weeks ago, would Walter even have had a chance to be famous.  I guess it just shows that things work out like they're supposed to.

Costume guy #17

And Barbara?  Well Barbara was so happy after the party and excited that she remembered how she loved to dance that she applied for a job as the local aerobic instructor for their local YMCA.  Not only that, but as luck would have it, as Walter was walking home from a singing gig one day, a baby cackleberry seemed to fall from somewhere right into his green wig and thinking it was his mama, had lived there ever since until Barbara heard peeps one morning and went to investigate.  The poor little thing was on the verge of starvation, so after some milk soaked corn bread, took to Barbara like a long lost friend and couldn't bear to be separated from her ever again.
Now Barbara is the envy of the Orinthology Society of America and their members travel for miles just to take one of her classes and see the "not so elusive anymore" yellow beaked cackleberry.  Kinda shows what love is all about, huh?  lol


So that's it!  The rest of the story!  If you liked that little adventure, please let me know.  I've already drawn (but not colored) a bunch of envelopes of Walter and Barbara for next time...if I can think up something fun and exciting for them to do.  OR....give me an idea!  That would be cool too!  Until then..............Happy Halloween!!!


Ellyn said...

thanks for the giggles!

Mary said...

Yes, I loved the saga!

Annie said...

Luckily for Walter and Barbara's marriage, this little saga turned out wonderful. LOL I wonder what they'll be up to next. Thanks for the laughs and the many good mail days! I loved it!

Mary said...

I have loved your story! You have a wonderful imagination. So much fun, and of course the "pictures" help to show the wonderful adventure!

Mary said...

Looks like Walter will be singing in the shower from your Drawings. I think they look younger now that they got their "groove back"

Joyce Carter said...

Oh, yes! I loved the saga of Barbara and Walter. I am looking forward to reading all about their next adventures.

Nancy B said...

Love your imagination! Enjoyed the story. Too cute!

Happy Sewing! (and drawing!)

kiwikid said...

Love the Walter and Barbara saga, looking forward to their next adventures! Do they take holidays?

Bonnie said...

Loved the story. Always good for a giggle and a smile. Please keep them coming.

Rettabug said...

What an entertaining saga, Carol...but this just confirms what I've suspected all are certifiably NUTSO!! LOL

Unknown said...

Soooo.... what's Walter getting Barbara for Christmas? LOL! Thanks for the giggles, Carol!

Createology said...

Carol I very much enjoyed your wonderful drawings and story of Walter and Barbara. Looks like someone has stolen their color markers and they need new art supplies for Christmas. Thank you ever so for entertaining us and the US Postal service. YOU ROCK!!!