Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Halloween party - part 2

Poor Annie is missing #7 and #8 envelopes, and I told her that I was going to continue the saga today on my blog post, but she insists that they'll still arrive at her doorstep, so she is going to refrain from reading part 2 of this Halloween saga until they come.  (Of course, by then, she won't need to read this because she have the original story in her hands.  lol)  If you recall, we left Walter in his clown costume  wondering if Barbara was still pining for her long lost canon clown.  So to continue:

Costume guy #7

After the last time with Walter breaking down and crying for 20 minutes at the thought of Barbara liking the forever lost canon clown of her youth more than him, he was off the hook for week while Barbara cooked up another scheme for the costume shopping.  Surely there were more sophisticated costumes other than birds, bunnies, fish, chickens, grapes and clowns she thought.  Why not something real unique?  First though, she had to prepare Walter so sent him to the tanning booth for a week of sessions.
She as Cleopatra and Walter as her Egyptian maid servant would be perfect!  Walter wasn't pleased...... jewelry?  He'd have to wear jewelry?  No way!  And what was that skirty thing hanging from his waist?  Surely that would blow away faster than the balloons?  And......yikes!  Eye makeup?  Well, Walter got out of that costume lickity split, ran out the door, jumped in his car and drove all the way home before realizing that he left Barbara in the costume shop playing Cleopatra all by herself.

Costume guy #8

Just about the time Walter began thinking about costumes again (after his tan faded for about a week), Barbara announced that she no longer could stand his silliness and he'd have to go shopping for costumes alone.  Little did Barbara know that just the thought thrilled Walter to no end.  No more jewelry, no more makeup, no more skimpy parts to be whisked off by the slightest breeze - oh no!!  He was going to be a man!  A hunk!  A man of honor!  Sure enough.......the very first such guy had to be Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.......and amazingly, Walter could still do the Spock finger greeting......what JOY!  But wait, there are more....

Costume guy #9

Now we're talking!  The man of steel!  X-ray eyesight!  Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. And not only that, but it came with Clark Kent glasses just for good measure.  Could anything be better?  Surely Barbara would go gaga over this costume, right?  She could be Lois Lane.  Well, Walter was so excited, he decided to walk home and show her right away much to the surprise of their neighbors who ran for their phones to call 911 as soon as he rounded the corner.  Certainly poor Walter had permanently flipped now......superman?  What was he thinking?  He could no more fight bad guys than swat a fly on the wall.  It had to be the booze.  Oh my, Walter must be drinking again.  Poor Barbara!

Costume guy #10

After 13 squad cars arrived at Walters house due to the neighbors concerned noisiness, and once breathalyzer tests were completed and explanations given as to what happened at the costume shop and how Walter wasn't really the King of Kryptonite, everything quieted down again.  Walter quietly walked back to the costume shop, changed into his street clothes and drove home only to tell Barbara that he thinks he found "the one".  He spotted it just as he was leaving and was going back the next day to try it on.
Who cares if you're not the King of Kryptonite when you can just be "The King"?  Not a "Devil in Disguise" but a "Big Hunk of Love" headed for "Heartbreak Hotel" on "Jailhouse Rock" for "One Night".  Oh my how Walter was "All Shook Up" to have a "Wooden Heart" if only for the short time it took to try on the costume.  He knew it was "Now or Never".  Oh, Walter thought, if only someone would "Love me Tender", and with that thought he took off the costume and returned home once again.

So, there you have it....part two of the halloween costume saga.  Only 7 more envelopes to go so stay tuned for the rest of the story while I concentrate on the many "lady" orders that have come my way lately.  I'm going as fast as I can.  Soon, you'll see some real beauties!  I promise!  Until then, take care and have a great week............


kiwikid said...

LOVE this part of the story..I am sitting here giggling!!

Ellyn said...

were you one of those kids who was always in trouble for daydreaming? your stories crack me up. keep em coming!

Karen said...

Oh, Carol!!!! I am laughing so hard at poor Walter! I love it!

Createology said...

Walter is one very amusing guy and your drawings are truly telling the story. Happy Halloween Party #2...

Annie said...

Well, I've given I am to look into envelope #8. I'm going to print the photo and story to add to the collection. Now for sure it will find it's way here. What an imagination you have! These are so funny!