Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another repeat….

Spoiler Alert……….I am boring lately, so if you are looking for inspiration, click me off now!!!

I feel like I'm in a fog lately.  Every week seems to be so much like the one before it.  Snow, cold, overcast skies….ugh!  Enough of winter already!!  The only fun I had this week, (besides sewing my lady orders….1 done and 1 in process), was having my neighbors over for dinner on Friday.  It's been ages since we've seen them and it was great catching up on life.  We both moved into our subdivision at the same time when it was brand new and we were having our homes built (25 years ago) so we've known each other a long time!! 

Then too, (naturally) I had to send out some Valentine envelopes this past week.  I should have made more……what was I thinking?  I have lots of friends and so many would have smiled……but I didn't think and only sent 3.  Bad me!

In between all that and the Olympics, I took a side trip to Target this week (just for some exercise) and naturally had to buy some books:

I've added them to my ever growing pile!  This week, I couldn't read as much being that I was sewing, but I did finish:
                                   "The Kept"                            by        James Scott
                                   "Big Numbers"                      by       Jack Getzke
and I started:               "Reconstructing Amelia"       by       Kimberly McGreight

So far, "Reconstructing Amelia" is by far, the best of the week.  This is another debut book, (and I love debut books), so I am enjoying it even more.  I'm half done and it's hard to put down, but it's 380 pages, so hard to finish in one or two sittings.

So, that's it!  Today we're meeting friends for lunch downtown at a well known rib place.  I hate ribs, but hubby and the friends are dying to go so what can I do?  I'm sure they have salads and burgers too, so I'll find something to order.   lol  At least it'll be a change!!  After that, I will be working on Lady #67.  I want to ship her out of here this week.

So, that's it again…….hope your life is more exciting than mine!  Stay warm!  Read a book!


Mary said...

Defending Jacob is a very good book!
Read it in hard cover several months ago, interesting.

Annie said...

I can't believe you can't read, draw and sew all at the same time! LOL But I know you'd do it if it were possible. Your Valentine envies are all so delightful. I'm honored to have one. Thank you!

Ali Honey said...

You made me smile. Thanks. Life can see unexciting some of the time.

barbara woods said...

our lives are so exciting , love the not exciting

beachiesews said...

Hey sounds like you are stuck in the-winter-that-will-never-end. I bet it feels that way around the middle of February! It is how I feel about August! Sending you some warm sunshiny smiles...sue.

Createology said...

I am sorry you are having such a horrific winter. We aren't having winter and we need it so badly. How great to visit with neighbor/friends and catch up. Your Valentine envelopes are uber cute. Yes you could probably make hundreds and mail them to people who need a smile. Sending Sunshine and Smiles your way...hopefully.

Anne Simonot said...

Reconstructing Amelia was a sad, but worthwhile, read. I thought the author nailed the teenage girl "voice". Loved the texts, the blogs, and the dialogue between the girls. I would be interested to hear what you thought of The Kept.