Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lady #64 - Sue from New Zealand, Envies and More Books

Say, "Happy Birthday" to Sue from New Zealand…..our last lady from 2013.  She was #64.  Her friend, Jenny, commissioned me to do her fabric portrait way back in November, or was it October….(I don't remember) as a birthday gift to her.  How generous, huh!  Anyway, I'm thrilled to finally introduce you to her:

And this is the picture Jenny sent me of Sue.  I think she looks pretty much like her, don't you?

I continue to send out fun envelopes.  Thankfully, I have a bunch made and waiting to go, so I can just grab one at will now whenever the mood strikes.  It has become a habit for my sweet little niece though…apparently, she knows her days of the week now, so knows when there will be a surprise waiting for her after school.

Amazon is more than thrilled with me lately!  These books came and there are more on their way with an additional 7 in my cart just waiting to check out!  Ugh!  I wish I could read as fast as I can order!  I thank you all for your marvelous suggestions (and Amazon and Target are too).  I have a list!!!  A LONG LIST!!!  I signed up with Goodreads. com just so I could keep track of everything!  It's fun rating them there too.

This week, I finished:   "This is Where I Leave You"    by Jonathan Tropper
                                      "Wild"                                       by Cheryl Strayed
                                      "Cover of Snow"                       by Jenny Milchman
                                      "This One is Mine"                    by Maria Semple

The best one (by far) of the four, was "Wild" by Cheryl Stayed.  It's a true story of her solo 100 day hike on the Pacific Coast Trail when she was only 26 years old after the loss of her mother and her marriage.  You might like it too.  (Available at Target in case you're interested.)

So, that's it!  Another snowy, cold week here in Wisconsin!  Winter is a beast this year.  Thankfully, it's fun to pass the time again with a good book.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!  Stay warm and happy reading!!


Ellyn said...

I think Sue is a very good likeness! Happy BIrthday to her. Wow, you are reading like crazy. I can't seem to focus on books this year. Too many other things going on here

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Sue! She has a very good friend to have her fabric portrait made. I love the envelopes with your surprising themes. Wow on the reading, girl! I always have to think about and process a finished book. Can't start a new one until the just finished one leaves my mind. So glad you are keeping the economy on the upswing! lol

Cindy Sharp said...

Reading, quilting, drawing, all good things to do in the snow and cold.

I've read some. Maeve Binchy. She writes well. I found her take on the world hard. I need more hope in my stories.....i want to be happy at the end of the story.

Createology said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Carol your quilted ladies are extraordinary! I always love your envelopes. Whimsy is the best. Serene Sunday Dear...

kiwikid said...

No 64 is great...what a great friend Sue has! Love the envelopes...enjoy your reading!!

Olga PGov said...

First, sorry my bad english, please! I am Brazilian and I follow your works because I love your style. I like and I do some art on fabric.
I live in Brazil, in Sao Paulo - you make this artwork for out of the USA too? Ah! as I would like and so have my face done by you!
Hugs from Brasil, Carol!

carol said...

Olga, I do fabric portraits for people all over the world and I would love to talk with you, however you have a no reply blogger address and I cannot answer you. If you see this, please give me your e-mail address so we can discuss what you might need. Thank you!

Olga PGov said...

Carol, I am so glad with this news! Here is my email to inform you needed me for this job. Thank you!


Rettabug said...

Hi Carol,

You've been keeping busy, I see! I agree, this winter has been the pits...we're getting dumped on right now, with icy rain in between squalls. UGH! Schools closed AGAIN.

Loved your newest lady portrait...very nicely done!
The envelopes continue to amuse & delight.
Your little "snow" swap quilt is just precious, as is the heart in the mittens that you received. So sweet!

Take care & stay warm. Only 42 days till SPRING!

Susan said...

What a lovely present for a birthday!
Is your book collection bigger than your fabric collection???

Gladys said...

WOW! It's wonderful! You have an amazing talent! I was long time admiring his drawings on envelopes! Also I was looking at the Flickr gallery with open mouth and enjoying each image! I also see that he loves dogs and read just like me! When I have my sewing room I will try to make a picture of mia as that you do because it seems to me to be very fun! Thanks for sharing your talent! You have a beautiful day!