Monday, February 24, 2014

Is it spring yet?

'Cause if it's not spring yet……I'm going to continue to be a crab!  I am SICK of winter!!

Our normal temps for this time of year are high 30's - low 40s.  Right now, it's 10!  Yes, 10!  And all this week the reported high is only going to 17.  Not only that good news, but next week (March…in case no one knows)… only going to 20 for a high.  Everything here is coated in ice!  Usually by now, hubby and I have cooked outside at least a few times, but his year our grill is still buried in a snow drift!  And poor Toby……the little sweetie looks like a billy goat climbing the drifts to find a good place to pee.  I'm telling you, spring can't come soon enough!!!  

We did have two birthdays in the family last week though.  Hubby's and sweet great niece, Audrey.  I naturally had to send her books in special envelopes: 

Dummy me forgot to leave an uncolored area in the top space of the "A" snake for Audrey…..duh!  But, after I jazzed it up with 6 birthday candles, she figured out it was an "A" cake and loved it!  My little granddaughter, Arwen, age 4, is learning to read now too, so soon I will be sending her books!!  Every now and then I do send her something………….kids love to get mail.

I got two more "Lady" orders (#68 and #69), so I will be working on them this week, plus continuing to read my stacks of books that I bought.  Last week I finished:

    "Reconstructing Amelia"                      by                Kimberly McCreight
    "Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend"         by                Matthew Dicks
    "Dark Places"                                      by                Gillian Flynn
    "The Book of Secrets"                          by                Elizabeth Joy Arnold

"Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn was the best of the bunch and (in my opinion) was tons better than her popular "Gone Girl".   I really wasn't that crazy about that one at all.

So there you have it….another boring week!  I am enjoying every book though.  It's been too long since I immersed myself in reading………and my house is showing it.  The dust gets thicker!  lol  Have a good week, my friends.  Stay warm!


Susan said...

Carol - you might be bored but I am always entertained...just as you are hoping for spring I am waiting for Autumn - its been excessively hot the last week (86 in your language) - and high humidity. Our winter maximums are usually around 75F and night time might get as low as 50F
- tuff eh??...I LOVE winter here.
looking forward to the ladies too.

Annie said...

Well hello Groucho! I don't remember getting Spring in Wisconsin until about May. I think that's comparable to a Cali Spring. Such cute envelopes. The birthday girl is so adorable.

Createology said...

I am sorry you are "so over winter" as my young friends would say. I would swap with you for a few drops of rain and snow. I am never bored with you fabulous envelopes. Keep creating your bright cheerful envelopes. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

ailsa said...

I couldn't agree more about being over winter but remind me in the summer when I'm so sick of heat and humidity too!

A bit biased but I am sooo looking forward to seeing what Ladies number 68 and 69 look like!

Rettabug said...

I feel the same way you do, Carol...this has been the worst winter I can ever remember! I know we both have SADD. Every year I say I'm going to look into getting those lights to prevent it & every year, I forget.

Cute envelopes! I know those girls just love getting your creations & just think of all the other postal people along the way that you make smile as well.

Hang in there, Honey!!!! It can't last forever!

Warm hugs,

Karen said...

My grandson even said, "I'm tired of snow." He is so ready to play baseball.
I just read a book I really liked. "Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese I am a nurse, so I was interested in this. I also know a person who was a missionary doctor in Ethiopia.

Anne Simonot said...

Oh i thought Dark Places much better than Gone Girl too. I kept thinking while reading GG, who are these people? Do people who act like this really exist?