Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Yup, today is Father's Day and I have our whole gang coming this morning for breakfast, so this post will be shorter than normal.  (I'm thinking I really don't have "FATHER" fans anyway, so who knows why I even captioned this post this way???)  Oh well!  

Here are the envelopes I sent off this week:

And……..these are the books I read this week.  The first 3 were debut books, (if you can believe)?  The first one was an old debut though since the author has since written 3 more books.  I think I told you about him before…….Daniel Palmer.  Now I have only the middle 2 of his books to read and one is better than the next.  Really……good!  His twists and turns are amazing!  The last book on this list was really good too, but Jospeh Finder is GOOD.  I've read him in the past.  The only one all week that wasn't a mystery/thriller was "A Paris Apartment" and I liked that one the least.  I'd rate that in the historical fiction department.  Wouldn't you know it, it was the only one I actually purchased.  Duh!  Good thing my sister is a historical fiction lover!

"Delirious"                                         by                             Daniel Palmer
"A Paris Apartment"                          by                             Michelle Gable
"Bone Dust White"                            by                             Karin Salvalaggio
"Suspicion"                                        by                             Joseph Finder

So, that's it!  Next week I have to visit my friend who raises Havanese puppies.  She has a litter or two almost ready to leave so I go there to get my puppy fix so that I'm not inclined to buy another dog.  Once I see her trailing those puppies with her paper towel in hand for all the "accidents", I'm ready to come home to my perfectly house broken 3 year old Toby with a smile on my face!  Seriously, that's all it takes!  lol  (Although, I must admit, I still….at times…..think about buying him a pal.)

Have a good week, my friends!  Enjoy your summer (even though it's 55 degrees here right now with rain predicted for the next 5 days out of 6.  Ugh!)  My pool water will never heat up this way…….solar cover or not!  Ugh!


ailsa said...

I know what you mean about dogs. We have 3 but I am so tempted when I see puppies and I have to really think about all the work that goes into having a new dog.

Father's day here was very quiet - all 4 kids either away or at work but we went out for dinner and at least they phoned to show they remembered!

I am waiting on an order for 8 books. These days I usually order from The Book Depository as they have free worldwide shipping and usually they arrive within a week.

If you are having heat withdrawal symptoms, please come and visit - we have more than enough to share!

Susan said...

Hang in there Carol - I'm sure it will warm up one day!

Annie said...

Ah, look at all the happy mail that went out this week. It really makes a difference to find that kind of mail mixed into the hohum mail. Happy reading. I see a pattern will soon be discussing the purchase of a new puppy...

kiwikid said...

Love the mail that has gone out this week. Cold rainy and about 7deg here this morning...good for curling up by the fire with a book!