Sunday, June 22, 2014


E-gads…..I feel as though I'm repeating everything from last weeks post including (I'm sorry to say) the temp of 55 degrees right now.  We have had nothing but rain, rain, and more rain lately with humidity in the 90s.  Ugh!  It hardly feels like summer, in fact, once this week I even turned on the furnace to get the chill out of the house.  My hubby almost had a fit, but I was freezing and I was even wearing my hoodie.  lol  No swimming here for awhile, I guess, huh?

Naturally, I sent off envelopes.  (At least I have something to show you!)

And then, I did visit my friend with the Havanese puppies…….and didn't take a single picture, I'm sorry to say, BUT I did find photos on the internet of some adults which I stole and I would GRAB any one of these precious babies in an instant if I got the chance.  I love the colors!

Oh, that last one just melts my heart!!  Why can't I find a playmate that looks like that for Toby?  I wonder what he'd do?

I am still reading like a mad woman and finished 5 books this week.  One I won in the Goodreads First Reads program and that was fun.  The name of it, is "Dear Daughter" and it won't be released until August 2014 so I feel special being able to review that new debut mystery before many other people.

"I am Having So Much Fun Here without You"             by             Courtney Maum
"Elizabeth is Missing"         (debut)                                 by              Emma Healy
"The New Me"                                                                by              Mary Marcus
"Eleanor and Park"  (YA book)                                      by              Rainbow Rowell
"Dear Daughter"             (debut)                                     by              Elizabeth Little

So, that was my week!  Whooppee!  Nothing like tons of fun here, folks!  lol  I still haven't packed away the sewing stuff from the dining room so who knows if I'll be pulling fabric out or not one of these days?  You never know!  I just might surprise you with a new creation!!  Wouldn't that be something???  Oh well… any case, you all have a super week and enjoy what sun you might have for me since it doesn't look too good here for a sunny week for us next week either.  Take care!


Annie said...

Cali would be more than happy to trade some of our sun for loads of your rain! I'm lovin the rooster envelope.

KaHolly said...

It's cold and wet where I live, too. I could easily have a fire in the woodstove every morning! Yesterday, I did turn on the heat for a little while, just to get the chill out. Cute pups. Cuter envelopes!

barbara woods said...

I have been reading more , just a lag in sewing mojo i think

Susan said...

If we were voting - Id go for #3 - they are all gorgeous but I think he is the most special.

Beezus said...

It was in the 90s here all 8am, it was already mid-70s. And the humidity is already killing me!!