Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strawberry Season….

OMG…..I wish you could smell these strawberries.  My sister picked these yesterday and they smell like they just came right out of the fields.  Thank you, Jan, for sending these over with Christy for me.  Yummy!!  For sure!  (And almost all gone, I might add…..just in case you're reading this and might want to bless me with more???)

Just thought I'd show you a pic of our precious, Toby, lounging on the pool deck.  So often he rings the bells to go out lately, just to lay in the sun and survey his domain, I think.  He really does make me nervous though, being so close to the pool.  My friend had a dog that drowned this year falling in her pool, and she just thought it had strayed out of the yard.  Not good, so I have to keep my eye on Toby constantly when he's outside now (although he's never fallen in the pool before…..thankfully!) 

I must admit that I'm much happier when I can hear him barking at the gate probably at people or cars driving by……or, perhaps at a flower swaying the wrong way in the breeze.  lol  The boy isn't too bright in the brain department sometimes!  (But, we love him anyway!)

I sent out three envelopes this week, but two were duplicates of ones you've already seen, so I decided not to post them.  This little guy is new though, I think.  It's getting to where I have to check now, there have been so many.

As usual, I've been reading.  (A Lot!)  Now, it seems, I read to find that special book that will rock my world…..but not yet.  I did find two really good ones this week though and they did come close…the 2nd and 4th ones on this list.  Both were different, but really good!  And both were debuts and you KNOW how I love those!!!

"God-Shaped Hole"                                    by                    Tiffany Debartolo
"We Are Called to Rise"    debut                by                    Laura McBride
"Still Life with Bread Crumbs"                   by                     Anna Quindlen
"The Girl who Came Home"                      by                    Hazel Gaynor
"Burial Rites"          debut                           by                    Hannah Kent
"Tell me You're Sorry"                               by                    Kevin O'Brien

That last one I started yesterday, but still have 1/2 to go and it's an okay thriller type book.  Kind of too many killings in it for me, but I will finish it.  Incidentally, I do review all the books I read on, so if you belong to that site, look me up and "friend" me (Carol Turznik).  I would love to know what you've been reading too!  My reading tastes are all over the board…..except haunted…….I can't seem to handle haunted!  Eikes!

So, until next week, my friends….enjoy yourselves and make sure to have some fun of some sort (even if for a little while!) AND….do enjoy the summer in the USA.  We finally are "hitting" the 70s.  Whooppee!


Georgi said...

I always follow your comments on the books you read, so I sent a friend request on Goodreads!

Annie said...

I think I can smell the strawberries anyway. There's a field 2 miles down the road where they pick daily and sell. They're huge and delicious and so fragrant! It looks like Toby could just walk right through that space at the gate. It must look bigger than it is. The hippo envelope is darling.

Debbie said...

Carol, I accidentally purchased Anna Quindlen's book but you know what....I loved it.

Puppies just make me so happy these your baby!!!!

Jill said...

I love local fresh-picked berries. Did you know that the make life vests for dogs. I don't know if your 'lil friend would wear one.

Susan said...

Yummo to the strawberries - they are gorgeous when tehey are so fresh!

Anonymous said...
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