Sunday, July 6, 2014

Over 100 books and counting…..

Not much happening this past week other than typical 4th of July festivities, so I don't have much to show you.  First off, here are the envelopes I sent off this week.  The first one I called, "Flower Girl", the 2nd, "Friends", and the 3rd envelope contained a book titled, "Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Babysitting Bandit", so naturally I had to draw something to depict the title.  Audrey always loves it when I give her a hint to the title of the books enclosed and she thought the babysitting envelope was a hoot!  That little girl has a marvelous sense of humor for only being 6 years old.

And then…….where are the trumpets????……..I've read over 100 books so far this year already, if you can believe?  I suppose that's what happens when you don't sew anymore, huh?  (Although I do have one swap quilt to make yet for July, so I better get going this next week.)  Anyway, these are the ones I read this week:

"A Place at the Table"                                   by               Susan Rebecca White
"Everything I never Told You"  debut              by               Celeste Ng
"Home Sweet Anywhere" (true story)              by               Lynne Martin
"Third Rail: An Eddy Harkness novel"  debut   by               Rory Flynn

Nothing was earth shattering, but I did enjoy the last two a lot.  "Home Sweet Anywhere" is about a couple who "re-found" each other after 35 years, got married and decided to sell most everything they owned and travel around the world before it was too late. Both close to the 70 age mark and healthy, it told of their adventures and joys.  I sure wish I was that healthy and rich……although I am close to that 70 mark….ugh! I'd do it in an instant…………..(well, maybe not??)  Then, the last book was a surprise.  I had read a review by a book blogger BOUNDBYWORDS which sounded like something I'd like, so I borrowed it from the library and loved it.  I think Rory Flynn just might have another Jack Reacher (author-Lee Child) on his hands.  That character is begging for his own series!!  (And….it was short at only 212 pages…!)

So, that's the news of the day (and week).  Temps all week never went above the low 70s so we haven't had too many visitors to swim in the pool so far this summer.  I'm hoping that will change!  I love to watch the kids having fun.

Now, I'm off to the store.  We've having company tonight so some snacks I must get!  Enjoy your week, my friends and do something fun for yourselves……..and read a book!  I can't believe how many good reads are out there!  Today I started, "I Thought I Knew You" by Kate Moretti and I'm loving it already!

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Annie said...

If my calculations are correct, that's like one book every two DAYS! (less than 2 days actually) Mind boggling! The envelopes are just darling.