Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Untitled 2012"

Instead of titling this post "Untitled 2012" I think I maybe should have called it, "Wow, oh Wow" all over again.  Seriously friends, I was not only blown away about the art teacher using my quilt as inspiration for his students on my last blog post, but also I was overwhelmed at ALL of the awesome comments you wrote to me about the inspiration that I give to you!  Wow.....oh WOW!!  Your comments were the frosting on the cake, believe me!!  I am truly blessed to have the BEST readers in the web!  Thank you ever, ever so much!  (Although I really don't think you will be inspired by today's post, so perhaps you might want to leave now......I had good intentions and I really was excited to make this, but alas, it didn't exactly turn out like I envisioned.......although I really don't know what I expected.)  Just a warning, in case you wonder what happened to me.  lol

I got this idea from someone's Pinterest board showing a ceramic vase.  I thought it was cool, so got out my trusty wire notebook and sketched a picture.  I think I showed you awhile back:

How my Ideas Start

Needless to say, I had to transfer this to a working pattern since most of my stuff is done from scale.  This is what became of it:

I knew I didn't want to just do it on one solid because I thought it needed more depth, so I sandwiched a white with white quilt sandwich and quilted the whole thing with 1/4 inch lines.  That was to be my base.  You'll note on the pattern, that I "X"ed out the windows that I wanted to make white and noted the part that I wanted to cut out.  The other windows would remain the same color as the base color I choose.  I wasn't sure at this point if it would be grey or light tan since I bought both colors.  As it turned out, I thought Kona ash was the "right" color against the white for the look I wanted.  First, I transfered my drawing with light pencil onto my grey fabric and then fused the white windows:  

That's not the best photo.  Sorry!  I took it at night......thus the shadow!  When I took this picture, I wasn't sure if I was going to show you this whole process, but since it is different than anything I've done before, I thought you might be interested.  After I was done fusing the windows, I put fusible web on the back of the entire building pattern and cut it out.   Note that I also fused some tiny green trees.

Then, I removed the fusible web and fused the entire thing to my already quilted white quilt sandwich and added more tiny trees:

So far, I was still enthused.  I wasn't sure if I should use black thread (which is always my "go to" color) to outline stuff, or if I should outline the white windows with white and maybe do a darker grey thread for the grey windows.  I loved the look as it was at this point;  very contemporary and stark.  Now,  I wish I had followed that thought!

This is what it looks like finished:

"Untitled 2012"

"Untitled 2012" - Closer

Note that I followed my "go to" norm and I think because of that, I lost the contemporary feel.  I don't think the black enhances the windows at all.  Anyway, it's not my favorite, to say the least!  Maybe someday I'll make it over and do it the other way.  I'm thinking I'd like it much better.  Then again, maybe not?  Oh well, they all can't be winners, huh?  Several of my Flickr friends told me to color in the white windows to see if I could "fix" it, but I don't think so.  The whole point of the design was for a clean and stark look with just a bit of whimsey of the little trees.  I do have someone who wants to buy it, so I'm pretty sure that's where it'll go.

On another note, I got my mug rug from the mug rug swap and it's a beauty!  Jana (megmormel) did a fantastic job.  Her piecing is perfect, her quilting is amazing, and her binding is above reproach!  Bravo, Jana!  It is gorgeous and I love it!  (Besides, she also sent me some salt water taffy, fat quarters and floss for a little extra gift.) Now, as long as I don't pull out my fillings, I'll be fine!!

Mug Rug from Jana (megmormel)

So, that's it for today!  Next, I have to work on a commission and I'm all excited.  I have to reproduce something I did last year, and I can't wait since it was one of my favorite quilts.  I can't tell you because I have no idea if the recipient reads my blog and that would spoil the surprise.  We wouldn't want that. would we????  Until next time, my friends!!!  And again............smooches to you all for being so nice!!!


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Carol I would not change your quilt. You are an artist in a way not many quilters are. And I get the stark dreary feeling of the city with the whimsy of the trees. It makes me think of author/illustrator Peter Browns book the Curious Garden. Life in the cold inanimate city. There is a touch of Dr Seuss about the trees. All the literary references are the librarian in me. I would love to see you illustrate a childrens book with quilts. It would be so amazing. Kids relate to expressions characters and emotion of color and line. Sorry if Im writing too much. I saw that sketch the other day and I find the quilt amazing.

gpc said...

I LOVE it. It's pieces like that that make me want to learn this danged quilting thing!

Annie said...

Wow, that is not at all what I pictured in my head when I saw your drawing. Isn't it funny how we complete the suggestion in our own mind.

BJ in TX said...

I absolutely love your cityscape quilt! It is wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

Nice dramatic cityscape quilt.
Lucky me I live in rural Texas, little if no congestion and vast landscapes--open land, everywhere. Only drawback is the heat, oh the constant heat!

brincrish said...

Thanks for sharing that carol. Its so inspirational! Definetely want to make me try...

Maritza said...

Carol, qué idea tan buena tuviste, es precioso este trabajo!!! un beso

Sheilaf said...

Wow, I instantly thought of Paris, where the buildings are stark grey but all the roofs and balconies have trees growing from them. Maybe you should retitle it!!
I love it, as I love all your work. You really are unique.

Aliceart said...

The quilt may not be the one you envisioned, but it is definitely your style. I love the stark, too, that is my style (or what I want to be my style), but you have a signature look that is easily recognized as your work. It's probably why the quilt came out that way when you intended something different. I'm trying to make peace with that idea when my art comes out looking similar to other things I've done before instead of the brave new world I wanted. The quilt is wonderful, and is a beautiful example of your art.

Kim P. said...

Gosh, I love it just the way you finished it :) I love that you have a vision of something you like and bring it to life as quilting art.

suz said...

I really like this quilt and normally I wouldn't go for something like this. The other ladies are right - this is your signature style, which, I suspect, is why I like it!

Nina Marie said...

ohhh I love the houses and thanks for sharing the process - I was wondering how you do that! I have a link party for art quilters on Fridays called Off the Wall Fridays and I would like to invite you to share this post this Friday. Your work is great!

Dianne said...

I LOVE both of these quilts Carol! I know they aren't separate creations but they could be and each one has it's own feel, the first very modern and the second has your usual whimsy and a seussical feel from the trees. Great description of your process as well. Being artisically challenged I am always amazed at what your draw nevermind the end product!

Amanda Jean said...

wow! again! you are on a roll! :)